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I love me some Lethal Weapon. I'd love to see a TV series made from the movies.

"Lethal Weapon" could be the latest movie set to become a TV series, TheWrap has learned.

Fox has given a put pilot commitment to the project from Warner Bros. Television, which is a reboot of the 1980s franchise of buddy-cop films starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

The new series will also follow Martin Riggs, a Texas cop and former Navy SEAL who moves to Los Angeles to start anew. He subsequently gets partnered with LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh.

The new show will be written by "Forever" EP Matt Miller, who will executive produce via his Good Session banner. Lin Pictures' Dan Lin Jennifer Gwartz will also act as EPs.
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UPDATE II: 1stLt Nick S. added a link to his comments that were attributed to the Mother of one of the injured, who was recently released from the hospital. He provides additional information on the comments in the room. Please refer to his comment to access the link, if you're interested. NEW LINK, compliments of 1stLt Nick S.:

Update: Kortney Moore, 18, told the local News Review newspaper that she was in her writing class in Snyder Hall when a gunshot came through the window and struck her teacher in the head.

Moore said the gunman told people to get on the ground, then asked them to stand up and state their religion before he started shooting.
Breaking News Alert: POTUS is currently addressing the Nation on the Oregon shooting. He's asking Congress to change the Gun laws to make America safe. He also stated that each time this happens, he will bring up gun control again!

One news source is saying that the gunman was asking the students what their religion was and the shooting began! Take from that what you will. I'm sure there is a whole lot more to come regarding this!

No article to link as yet, the news conference is still on!
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I am all for the 2nd amendment. I myself do not own a gun....I have a brother that owns so many I lost count and couldn't possibly tell you what they are.
I'm all for owing a rifle or a shot gun or many numerous types of hand guns....Guns to go hunting, guns to protect one self and their family/loved one.
BUT! Why is it necessary to own a Machine gun? Machine guns are great for the Military. The military has a real purpose/need for machine guns....BUT! why does an average American citizen need to own a machine gun? What is the purpose or reason to have one?
Do we really need machine guns? I for one would like to see Machine guns stopped from being sold in the US....
Nearly every drive by shooting I have read about involved a machine gun...AK this or that...semi automatic this or that.
Seriously...I know a lot of you out there know a hell of a lot about guns...I don't....I know just enough....But I do know that nothing good seems to come from those who have possession of Machines guns...except for the military or maybe except for gun collectors who buy them for the collection.....otherwise what do you use one for? To go hunting? Naw....really not a way to go defend onself....nope...not really efficient and or safe way to defend yourself of your family...
So....why exactly is it legal to own a machine gun? ....and who feels machine guns should be available and who feels they should not be?
Just curious.
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I respect all Officers of all branches. But where is the good humored trash talk amongst the Officers and NCO's?

Here is a great start to the discussion board - A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes he is lost. He reduces height and spots a man down below. He lowers the balloon further and shouts: "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?"

The man below says: "Yes, you're in a hot air balloon, hovering 30 feet above this field."

"You must be an NCO," says the balloonist.

"I am" replies the man. "How did you know?"

"Well," says the balloonist, "Everything you have told me is technically correct, but it's no use to anyone."

The man below says "You must be an Officer".

"I am" replies the balloonist, "But how did you know?"

"Well," says the NCO, "You don't know where you are, or where you're going, but you expect me to be able to help. You're in the same position you were before we met, but now it's my fault."
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I came across an article about "unfriending" The article starts out stating that the word "unfriend" is "the New Oxford American Dictionary Word of the Year" for the year 2009. My first thought was, "Really?" The article is directly related to Facebook but I thought perhaps it had worthwhile points that could be applied to all social media. #1 Doesn't apply to RP (I hope) because we're all prescreened. +1 for RP. :-) #2 Hmm well I consider the military members on RP to be my brothers and sisters in arms. It's a different social situation than FB that's open to everyone. #3 to 7, are applied individually, so I'm not going to comment on them. #8 is just silly.
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DENVER — A team from the U.S. Defense Department will visit both a state and a federal prison in Colorado to assess their possible use for housing detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, senior U.S. officials said Friday.

The visit comes as the Obama administration struggles to shut down the Guantanamo detention center and find a location within the U.S. to house its detainees. Within the next two weeks, the team will visit the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City and a medium-security federal prison in Florence, officials said.

The Pentagon team also has surveyed the Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and the Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, South Carolina. The reviews assess construction costs and other changes needed to house the detainees and conduct military commission trials.

In Colorado, the medium-security facility is on the same grounds as the maximum-security prison known as Supermax. It would need upgrades, said Cmdr. Gary Ross, a Pentagon spokesman.

"These efforts are consistent with our commitment to working with Congress to close Guantanamo, and are intended to help inform Congress of how we can meet this goal and what it will cost," Ross said.

Closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center has been a top priority for President Barack Obama, but the effort has faced hurdles, including staunch opposition among both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

There are 114 detainees currently in the detention center, and 53 are eligible for transfer. The remaining 61 have been deemed too dangerous to release to another country. Finding countries to take the detainees has also been difficult because the transfers cannot be approved unless officials believe the detainees will not return to terrorism or the battlefield upon release and that there is a host country willing to take them and guarantee they will secure them.

Legislation moving through Congress would retain and, in some cases, increase current restrictions on transferring detainees out of the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The bill continues to ban the transfer of detainees to the United States or construction to house them on U.S. soil. It also calls on the White House to send Congress a plan on how it plans to close the facility and handle future detainees.

Colorado's Supermax, dubbed "Alcatraz of the Rockies," already houses terrorists. The prison's 420 or so inhabitants include Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person convicted in civilian court of the September 11 attacks, and Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was transferred to Supermax in July.

The state prison, located about 10 miles from the federal complex, has been vacant since 2012. The state shuttered the all-solitary-confinement prison because of declining prison population.

Colorado's congressional Republicans quickly vowed to fight the transfer.

"I call on the Obama Administration to immediately halt any consideration of this irresponsible idea," said Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.

Colorado's Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper was more measured.

A spokeswoman said Hickenlooper "wants to have a full understanding of the costs, risk and impacts for Colorado."
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Ask any Sailor: ships are living, breathing entities. They have moods, and idiosyncrasies just like humans do. They have good habits and bad ones (yes, literally, for example, THIS ship's turn radius is slightly more than her sister's because her rudder is slightly looser, etc). They talk to you. For the first hour on board, the background whine of gas turbines will annoy you. From that point on, you will notice instantly when it changes, or stops, and over time, you will come to instantly know the reason why: course change? Power up/down? Something is wrong? She will tell you how fast she's going by how much she's grumbling. She will gurgle at you from THIS pipe junction at THIS time, every day, like clockwork. She will whisper quietly to you with the hiss of the passage of her hull through the water (yes, you can hear that when it's quiet), while at the same time treating you to a light show as she passes through phosphorescence. She will whine and moan and grumble and toss and turn. You just have to learn her language. When she's unhappy, she will blare alarms at you. She will enfold you in comfort when it's time to sleep, gently swaying and easing your trip to never-never land.

Most importantly, when it's time, she will FIGHT for you. Maybe even die for you, or with you. And she will be a raging, powerful, roaring bitch in that moment, and you can be sure that she will not be the only one dying that day.

I've never met a Sailor that didn't love his / her ship. Sometimes they'll exasperate you, but there's a continuity, a -connection- with every Sailor that's ever set foot on her. A very real sense of responsibility to continue her legacy, add to it, be part of it, best as you may. It's an exclusive community that even other Sailors from other ships don't get to join, particular to each ship, unless they come and serve on yours, too. There's a reason Sailors always talk fondly of their ships -- and never their shore stations. Why at every single decommissioning a whole community of Sailors, SM's and Vets alike, are saddened.

So that's my question: Army, Air Force? Do you have a similar situation with anything? As for Marines...I wouldn't be surprised if you feel the same as Sailors, if you've embarked, but feel free to answer, as well.
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From: CBC

CBC News has learned that a Canadian military effort to formally create integrated forces with the United States for expeditionary operations included an even more ambitious option — a plan to fully integrate military forces, explored during a meeting with the top generals from the two countries.

The Canadian military efforts were ultimately shut down and refocused on improving interoperability between the forces.

Information provided by the Department of National Defence shows the Canada-U.S. Integrated Forces program was led at the highest levels, with then Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson and the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey (now retired), meeting on "several occasions" to hash out a plan that included an option for "fully integrated forces."

On Monday, CBC News reported that the Canadian military had been working on a plan to create a binational integrated military force with the U.S., under which air, sea, land and special operations forces would be jointly deployed under unified command outside Canada.

That force was described by a military source as a deliberate arrangement, scaled according to the nature of the conflict it expected to face, with formally established rules for command and control and logistics.

Discussion of the plans for an integrated unit was contained in an October 2013 briefing note prepared by the military's Strategic Joint Staff and obtained through access to information.

Government not part of discussions

Daniel Proussalidis, a spokesman from the defence minister's office, said in an email to CBC News Monday the document was not presented to the defence minister and the government has not considered its contents.

"The government has neither expressed interest in the concept of Canada-U.S. force integration nor directed exploration of it," Proussalidis told CBC News.

A Conservative spokesman also said the party had no desire to establish a "standing integrated force."

But the new information from the Defence Department shows the planning was deliberate and sustained, and it happened at the highest levels of both forces.

Those two comments raise the possibility the plan was being pursued without the specific direction or approval of the Conservative government.

The Defence Department says three different concepts were reviewed:

Enhancing military interoperability and co-operation.
Creating an integrated force of specially designated national units to deploy abroad.
"Fully integrated forces."
A fully integrated force could be politically dangerous in Canada, where there are perennial concerns about the quality of a bilateral relationship described by some as akin to sharing a bed with an elephant.

Concerns over Canadian control

There would also be deep concerns about maintaining national control over the Canadian Forces, particularly as it relates to questions about the use of force and varying interpretations of international law.

In the end, the Defence Department says, "Gen. Lawson indicated that Canada was not prepared to field fully integrated land forces at this time."

"The two armies do not intend to field formally integrated forces at this time," wrote DND spokesman Dominique Tessier in an email.

"Instead, they are developing the capability to operate together on any mission authorized by the government of Canada. Canada-U.S. co-operation is excellent; we are trying to make it better."

Canada and the United States have long maintained fully integrated air forces in the form of the North American Aerospace Defence command, a binational unit that protects the air approaches to the continent.

Norad commanders are able to deploy and control forces of each other's militaries in pursuit of the goal of common defence.

Norad has also assumed increasing responsibility to provide warning and target information for naval forces that protect the maritime approaches to North America.

But those efforts are focused on defence; the integrated forces planning was for expeditionary forces to be deployed on operations overseas.

The Defence Department says the planning began as an attempt to maintain the level of interoperability with U.S. forces achieved during the long war in Afghanistan.
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So, this girl is 19, 4 months TIS and made Tech. Sgt (E-6) already. Typo? Misprint? Or horrible lapse in judgement?

Has anyone else heard about this?
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From: The Bakersfield Californian

The man traveled to Bakersfield early Sunday in the belief he’d be spending time with the woman he loved.

But when he arrived at her south Bakersfield residence, three men wearing hockey masks punched, kicked and choked him to the point of passing out, according to police documents. The woman listened to the beating from a back bedroom.

The documents say the defendants — including Sergio Medina, the woman’s husband — are infantrymen in the U.S. Marine Corps. Medina, 20, Rodrigo Sanchez, 19, and Leonardo Ortiz, 19, have pleaded not guilty to charges including kidnapping with bodily injury and robbery, and are being held on $500,000 bail.

The victim was interviewed by police Sunday morning. He said he had arrived in the 2800 block of Lee Drive after receiving a Snapchat message from Diana Reyes, whom he met in 2012 and with whom he’d once been romantically involved.

The man said they talked often on social media about her marital troubles, according to the documents filed in Kern County Superior Court. She’d been trying to get him to come to Bakersfield, and he arrived at her home about 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

When he parked nearby, he received a Snapchat message saying, “Come in the door is unlocked,” the documents say. The man entered the home and was approached by three men in hockey masks who immediately began beating him.

They forced him to the ground and bound his wrists with zip ties, the documents say. Then they placed a belt around his neck, and the man told police he struggled so hard to breathe he nearly lost consciousness.

The documents say one of the men, whom the others called “Sergio,” asked him what he was doing at the house. He told him he was there to meet Reyes, and Sergio asked if he knew she was married.

The man said he believed she was getting a divorce and he was in love with her. The men laughed at him.

They held him captive for about 30 minutes, and released him after taking items including his cellphone and wallet, the documents say. They threatened to kill him.

“We know where your family lives and have your driver’s license, so don’t go to the cops,” the man said his assailants told him.

The defendants and Reyes followed the man as he drove from the neighborhood, the documents say. The man eventually parked at a 7-Eleven near Real Road and punched his vehicle’s OnStar button for medical assistance.

Police were contacted after he was taken to a hospital with injuries including an orbital fracture with his left eye swollen shut, bruising to his head and entire body, and swelling to his head and neck. The documents say abrasions were visible on his wrists and neck.

Police soon stopped Medina in a vehicle, and found Sanchez and Ortiz at a residence in the 5500 block of Monitor Street.

Medina admitted to assaulting the man, and he helped police locate some of the stolen items, according to the documents. He told investigators he had already destroyed the man’s cellphone, and police found other items had been partly burned.

Reyes told investigators that Medina told her to stay in a back bedroom shortly before the victim arrived, the documents say. She said she heard the men pummeling the victim.

Reyes said she and the victim never had sex, but she once kissed him while her husband was on deployment, the documents say. She also told detectives her husband knows her Snapchat password.
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I posted this because of shootings and gun control. 24 hours after the shooting in OREGON, Obama gets on TV and says we should follow Australia and their gun control that they have the right idea...and 24 hours afterwards A police employee is shot dead RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION!

So what is the right answer? What should be done? What can be done?

SGT (Join to see) SN Greg Wright Sgt Richard Buckner TSgt Hunter Logan CPT (Join to see) Capt Christopher Mueller LTC Stephen F. @Capt Seid Waddell Sgt Tom Cunnally SrA (Join to see)
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Air Force Gen. Paul J. Selva, Obama's nomination to be the Pentagon's No. 2, echoed the testimony last week by Gen. Joseph Dunford in naming Russia as the main national security threat to the U.S., while also saying ISIS "does not threaten us at home."

"I would put the threats to this nation in the following order: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and all of the organizations that have grown around ideology that was articulated by al Qaeda," Selva said.

Selva, head of U.S. Transportation Command, was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on his nomination to become vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, succeeding the retiring Adm. James "Sandy" Winnefeld.

Sen. John McCain, the SASC chairman, seemed surprised at the list and asked Selva why he didn't rank ISIS as a threat to the homeland.

Selva said that ISIS "does not present a clear and present threat to our homeland and to our nation. It is a threat we must deal with," he said, but "it does not threaten us at home" or present an existential threat as Russia does with nuclear weapons.

When asked about the threat of "lone wolves" inspired by ISIS, Selva said they also "do not present an existential threat to the security of our nation."
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As shooting incidents seem to become more frequent what have you prepared yourself and your family to do should you ever be involved with an 'active shooter' in a public place? I have a friend (single mom veteran) who will be transferring to an online college program rather than risk dealing with a loner-loser who might 'go off' in a classroom? Suggestions on how best to prepare? Google 'bulletproof blankets' which are available for students.
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I don't know how this would work. The London team would be doing one heck of a lot of traveling.

LONDON — Britain's treasury chief pushed his case Friday for placing a permanent NFL franchise in London, saying he hoped the league would move a team to the capital within the next five years.

"The real prize, the touchdown for London, would be to get a team based here," Chancellor George Osborne said after a meeting with league executives, team owners and former star players. "I want London to be the global sporting capital."

The meeting came on the same day that the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets arrived in London ahead of their AFC East divisional game at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. It's the first of three NFL games in London this season.

"I am supporting the NFL to bring one of their 32 teams to London permanently and will work with them to make this happen," Osborne said. "Hopefully it is something we could achieve in the next few years, maybe four or five years' time."

Osborne said Britain's Treasury department and tax office were looking at "any barriers" the NFL might face in setting up a London team.

Osborne met at his Downing Street office with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, Jets owner Woody Johnson and NFL executive Mark Waller to discuss the steps needed to locate a franchise here.

"We have always said our goal here is to build a fan base that would be able to support a franchise," Waller said, adding that a timeframe of five or six years from now "feels sort of right."

The NFL has played 11 regular-season games at Wembley since 2007. This week's Jets-Dolphins game is the first divisional matchup in London. The Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 25, followed the next week by the Kansas City Chiefs against the Detroit Lions on Nov. 1.

The NFL recently announced a 10-year deal to play at least two games each season at Premier League club Tottenham's new stadium, which is scheduled to open in 2018.

The Jaguars have a four-season deal, which expires in 2016, to play at least one home game per season at Wembley.

Osborne said having an NFL franchise would provide a huge boost to the London economy. His office cited a business study carried out last year that found that the two NFL games played here in 2013 contributed 32 million pounds ($48 million) to the London economy.

A London-based franchise playing eight regular-season home games a year could bring in 102 million pounds ($155 million), according to the study.

Osborne also met with two Hall of Famers, former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and Jets running back Curtis Martin. The former players presented Osborne with tem jerseys and an NFL ball, while he gave them a ball from the ongoing Rugby World Cup.
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These are the people Obama trusts to keep their word on the nuclear development deal.
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Donald Trump indicated he would most certainly consider jumping ship and running as an Independent Third Party candidate if the GOP 'mistreats' him, according to recent interviews.

Pressed on whether he would run as a third-party candidate if he fails to clinch the GOP nomination, Trump said that “so many people want me to, if I don’t win.”
“I’ll have to see how I’m being treated by the Republicans,” Trump said. “Absolutely, if they’re not fair, that would be a factor.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called Trump earlier this month asking him to tone down his controversial rhetoric. More recently, the RNC rebuked him for saying that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is not a war hero. Trump didn’t apologize but has since said that the 2008 Republican presidential nominee is a war hero.

Trump told The Hill that the GOP establishment in Washington dislikes him because he’s not part of the political class.

“I’m not in the gang. I’m not in the group where the group does whatever it’s supposed to do,” he said. “I want to do what’s right for the country — not what’s good for special interest groups that contribute, not what’s good for the lobbyists and the donors.”

The real estate magnate has upended the Republican presidential primary, with recent national polls showing that he is leading the 16-candidate field. Many in the party’s establishment, pointing to his inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants and McCain, say that Trump is badly hurting the GOP brand.

Yet he is connecting with a significant chunk of GOP voters. And despite criticism from party leaders and other presidential candidates, Trump appears fueled by controversy.

Would Trump as an Independent get your vote?
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"All available fighter pilots! Man your planes!" boomed the squawk box in Essex' ready room. The ship's radar had detected three large groups of Japanese planes coming in.

David McCampbell, the CAG and the Navy's most famous living aviator, considered this announcement. Earlier that morning, Admiral Sherman himself had forbidden McCampbell from joining a dawn sortie. Given his responsibilities as Commander of Essex' Air Group and his public prominence as a top ace, McCampbell was too valuable. He decided that he was indeed "available" and headed for his airplane, Minsi III. His plane crew hurried to fuel Minsi III, which had not been scheduled to fly that day. With the Hellcat only partially fuelled, the Flight Officer ordered it off the flight deck - either into the air or below to the hangar deck. McCampbell went up, leading Essex's last seven fighters toward the Jap strike force.

He and Ens. Roy Rushing got out in front of the other Hellcats, putting on all speed to intercept the Japs, then only 22 miles away. He directed the other F6F's to get the bombers, while he and Rushing tackled the fighters. Surprisingly, the enemy fighters turned, allowing McCampbell and Rushing to gain altitude and a position behind them.

Seeing over 40 Japanese fighters, McCampbell radioed back to the carrier for help. "Sorry, none available." The enemy planes spread out in a typical formation of three V's. McCampbell picked out a Zero on the extreme right and flamed it. Rushing also got one on this first pass. Incredibly, there was no reaction from the Japs as they climbed back up to regain altitude. The two Hellcat pilots dived back down on their quarry for another pass; McCampbell blew up a second Zero. Now the gaggle of Zeros, Tonys, Hamps, and Oscars reacted - by going into a Lufbery! McCampbell made a couple of head-on passes against the formation, but without results.

A strange interlude ensued as McCampbell and Rushing climbed back up and circled, while the Japanese fighters continued to circle below. McCampbell radioed again for help; one of the Hellcats that had been going after the bombers headed his way. The Lufbery broke up and the planes headed toward Luzon in a wide Vee. The two American fliers closed in again on the formation. McCampbell opened up at 900 feet, and exploded his third plane of the morning. Rushing shot down his second one.

Apparently low on fuel, the Japanese planes doggedly flew on, maintaining formation. On his next firing pass, gunfire coming from behind forced McCampbell to break off his attack and pull up. It was another Hellcat shooting too close to him. A few choice words straightened things out. Still the enemy planes didn't turn and mix it up.

McCampbell realized he could relax and take his time. This was practically gunnery exercise. He could focus on identifying his targets carefully. The next one was an Oscar. Again his six fifties roared and blasted the Oscar's wing root. It flamed for number four. Rushing had scored his third by this time. This continued for several more passes until McCampbell had downed 7 and Rushing 6. Rushing radioed that he was out of ammo, but he would stay on McCampbell's wing while the CAG used up his remaining bullets.

Two more passes and two more kills. As the Jap planes approached the security of their bases on Luzon, the two Americans' low fuel finally ended the slaughter. The Hellcats broke off and headed for Essex. In one morning sortie, McCampbell had shot down nine enemy planes and Rushing six, an unparalleled achievement in American fighter aviation.

Marianas Turkey Shoot

As the Americans prepared for the invasion of Guam and Saipan, the Carrier Task Force steamed west into the Philippine Sea. The desperate Japanese battle plan called for them to launch their strike planes at the U.S. ships, then refuel & re-arm on the Guam and Saipan airfields and hit the American carriers again in a 'shuttle' operation. It didn't turn out that way.

On June 19 [1944], the Japanese launched two large raids of Judys and Vals, escorted by fighters. Other carrier air groups took care of the first raid; Essex' Fabled Fifteen, under McCampbell went after the second group of eighty planes. McCampbell started the slaughter at 11:39 by exploding the first Aichi D4Y2 "Judy" dive bomber he spotted. As he darted across to the other side of the enemy formation, evading a gantlet of return fire, McCampbell quickly splashed a second Judy, sped toward the front of the enemy formation to record a "probable" on a third, dispatched the formation leader's left wingman with a staccato burst, downed the leader with a steady stream of machine-gun bullets, then scored a final kill on a diving enemy craft. In minutes McCampbell had logged five kills and one probable.

There was a second air battle in the afternoon. After shooting down yet another Zero (his sixth for the day!), he became separated from his flight of eight and was returning alone to his carrier, the USS Essex. As his Hellcat cruised at 6,000 feet past Guam's Orote Peninsula, he spotted two Zeros attacking a Navy S0C seaplane picking up a downed pilot in the water. Diving to the attack, McCampbell shot down one of the two Zeros. Lt. Commander George Duncan, another VF-15 pilot, came upon the scene at that time and got the other. It was McCampbell's seventh for the day and his ninth in eight days of combat.

In one combat tour, David McCampbell shot down 34 Japanese aircraft. If he had served a second tour, he may very well have exceeded Dick Bong's total of 40. In recognition of his spectacular accomplishments: leading "Fabled Fifteen," personally accounting for 34 planes, and for his mission on October 24, McCampbell received the Congressional Medal of Honor, presented to him by President Roosevelt.

McCampbell also received the Navy Cross, the Silver Star Medal, Legion of Merit, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war, McCampbell served in the Navy until his retirement in 1964. Married four times, David McCampbell must have had quite an eye for the ladies. He died in Florida after a lengthy illness on June 30, 1996.
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I'm beginning to see more new articles about veterans suicide committees looking into the real reasons vets commit suicide at such high rates. I hope some real solutions can come out of these meetings and help our vets.

Lexington VA Medical Center brings community, staff together for discussion.
The Lexington VA Medical Center held its third annual Mental Health Summit on Sept. 25, 2015. The daylong event brought together VA staff and community partners to discuss the mental health needs and available services for Kentucky Veterans. There were more than 120 attendees who learned from Veterans sharing their personal experiences, participated in breakout sessions and toured a resource room filled with information about both community and VA resources.

Summit participants were welcomed by Lexington VAMC’s chief of staff Patricia Breeden, MD, Mental Health Services provider Kevin Pernicano, PhD, ABPP and Assistance chief Autum McCane, PhD. Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, Heather French Henry, also welcomed summit guests. A spotlight lit up the auditorium stage to illustrate this year’s Summit theme, Serving Those Who Served, and several people, including Veterans, family members, and providers, came to the stage to share their “I am….” stories. Centered’s Lauren Higdon, LMT, CYT, stated, “I especially loved the personal testimonials at the beginning of the day as they invited a more relevant, intimate and connected experience for the day.”
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