On November 29th, 11AM - 12PM MT, VA and community experts will be here to answer your questions on benefits and claims. Also ask your questions on peer support resources. Type your questions in now!

You can ask questions to the following people:
» Sgt Jay Dalrymple - Director, National Cemetery Scheduling Office
» Marianne Delatorre - HHCC Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Dole Foundation
» Kasia Davis - Senior Human Resources Specialist, VA
» SPC Leroy Chavez - Outreach Specialist (Homeless Veteran Coordinator)
» SSG Dwight Amey - Outreach Specialist (Rural Veteran Coordinator, Alt. MVPC)
» Rebecca Smith - Supervisor, Public Contact Team, Denver VA Regional Office
» PO3 Tiffany Morgan - CEO, WarriorNOW
» PO1 Kevin Eherenman - Congressional Liaison
» Stephanie Tuley-Fuson - Management Analyst, VA VMSTEP
» 1SG Cory Givhan - Outreach Specialist (Alternate Homeless Veteran Coordinator)
» Sgt Christopher Vidaurre - Veteran Wellness Alliance Check-In, George W. Bush Institute
» Melissa Comeau - Director, American Red Cross Military Veteran Caregiver Network
» Patricia Sweeney - National Director, Peer Support Services
» Capt Trey Ellis - Peer Leader Manager, Wounded Warrior Project
» SGT Lauren Augustine - Vice President Government Affairs, SVA
» Sgt Ed McEvoy - National Outreach Specialist, VA Vet Center
» 1SG Zelda Davis - Management Analyst, VA
» Jay Gorman - Clinical Psychologist, Veterans Mental Health and Addictions Program
» Sgt Ruby Clendenning - Management Analyst, VA
» Melissa Johnson - Programs & Services Associate, American Red Cross Military Veteran Caregiver Network
» Amy Cutler - Senior Case Manager, Home Front Military Network

The National Cemetery Scheduling Office (NCSO):
The NCSO is part of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, National Cemetery Administration. The NCSO responsible for verifying eligibility for burial for Veterans, their spouses, and dependents and scheduling of burial services for 155 VA National Cemeteries across the United States. The NCSO also processes Pre-Need application requests Veterans. A Pre-Need application is used for living Veterans who are preparing their plans for their final resting place.

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA):
Veterans Benefits Administration is one of 3 Administrations of VA. VBA has several programs, including compensation for service related illnesses and injuries, Pension for low income War Era Veterans, surviving spouse and family benefits, education, life insurance and home loan programs.

WarriorNOW was founded as a way to eliminate the stigma associated with Veterans dealing with mental health related concerns, PTSD, and/or addiction. It is unfortunate how many of our Veterans are suffering and have no outlet or resources to assist in fighting their daily battle. We are happy to say that we do not fight alone. Much like being in the service, we are brining the team approach back to the lives of our Veterans where it belongs.
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SFC Joe S. Davis Jr., MSM, DSL
thanks for sharing
Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
2 mo
Thank you for joining us.
SGT Unit Supply Specialist
Thanks for the Info.
Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
2 mo
So glad you could join us.
Sgt Christopher Vidaurre
Hello All, My name is Christopher Vidaurre, I am the Senior Program Manager at the George W. Bush Institute. I am here on behalf of the Veterans Wellness Alliance to share “Check-In” Check-In is a first-of-its-kind network that unites peer-led organizations and service providers to connect veterans and their families efficiently and em pathetically with high-quality care for mental and brain health services. Please go to veterancheckin.org and fill out our short form to get connected to care. Once you fill out the form within in 72 hours our Care Coordinator will reach out to you and find the most appropriate care and get you connected should you want to find an outside provider.

PO3 Matthew Campbell
PO3 Matthew Campbell
2 mo
Thanks Chris for joining us! As always appreciate you and all the work you do in service to our fellow Veterans!
Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
2 mo
Love Love Love Veterans Wellness Alliance Thank you for all that you do!

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