On August 8th, 12 - 1 PM MT, VA and community experts will be here to answer your questions on benefits, claims, and peer support resources. Type your questions in now!

You can ask questions to the following people:
» PO1 Kevin Eherenman - Congressional Liaison, Denver Regional Office, VA
» Marianne Delatorre - HHCC Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Dole Foundation
» Sgt Christopher Vidaurre - Senior Program Manager, George W. Bush Presidential Center
» CPO Missina Schallus - Communications Manager, Center for Women Veterans
» Melissa Comeau - Director, Military and Veteran Caregiver Network, American Red Cross
» Sgt Ed McEvoy - National Outreach Specialist, VA Vet Center
» Sgt Jay Dalrymple - Director, National Cemetery Scheduling Office, VA
» PO3 Douglas Webb - Management Analyst, Veterans Experience Office, VA
» Kasia Davis - Senior Human Resources Specialist, VA
» Rebecca Smith - Supervisor, Public Contact Team, Denver VA Regional Office
» Court Ogilvie - Executive Director, Code of Support
» Terri Clinton - Public Affairs Officer, VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System
» Marsha Unruh - Program Director, Home Front Military Network

+ Colorado Veterans Experience Action Center (VEAC) Event!

Are you a Colorado Veteran, family member, caregiver, survivor, or service member in need of direct assistance with benefits, care, and community resources? Join us from the convenience of your phone for the Colorado Veterans Experience Action Center (VEAC), August 22-23 from 9am-3pm MT.

Register Now! CO VEAC Appointment Registration:
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SGT Ruben Lozada
Good afternoon. Excellent post. Thank You for sharing this.
Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
4 mo
Thank you for joining us SGT Ruben Lozada
SGT Unit Supply Specialist
thanks for the info.
Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
4 mo
Thank you for joining us SGT (Join to see)
Sgt Christopher Vidaurre
Hello All, My name is Christopher Vidaurre, I am the Senior Program Manager at the George W. Bush Institute. I am here on behalf of the Veterans Wellness Alliance to share “Check-In” Check-In is a first-of-its-kind network that unites peer-led organizations and mental and brain health service providers to connect veterans and their families with high-quality care for mental and brain health services. Please go to veterancheckin.org and fill out our short form to get connected to care. Once you fill out the form within in 72 business hours our Care Coordinator will reach out to you and find the most appropriate care and get you connected. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you.

Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
4 mo
Thank you for all that you do Sgt Christopher Vidaurre

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