Posted on Aug 30, 2020
SFC Observer   Controller/Trainer (Oc/T)
I just finished my B.S. in CIS in a major of Cyber Security. Does anyone have any details on the Warrant Officer position of any 255 series? How’s the job, and what is the school like?
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CW3 Systems Engineer
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Good source. The job is great. You are the one man band when it comes to your unit. Schools are long and informative. You'd make some lifelong connections/friends there. We are a small Cohort (Warrants), so the more warrants you know and befriend the more support you'll have when/if you need it. School has a lot of Cisco with a firehose, Microsoft Courses, CompTIA, NetApp, later Project Management, etc. The big picture is making all the stuff work together and keeping it up and running.

I was Infantry as well before becoming a 255A.

255A, Server Stacks, Helpdesk functions, C2R Systems integration - and the odd duck job of SASMO OIC in a BSB or ESC. CCNA, MSCE, CASP, CISSP (All things I.T. with Knowledge on Networking, Switches, Routers)

If you are thinking 255S, think GIAC, CISSP, CEH, defensive cyber stuff

170 series - along the lines of 255S but more offensive cyber stuff

255N, Cisco CCNA, CCNP - Switches, Routers, STT oriented (All things Network)

Hope this tidbit helps. The best thing to do is find a Warrant Officer Strength Manager (WOSM). The packet process takes a little while.

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