Posted on Feb 23, 2016
CW4 Shaun Collins
This is my Uncle; as you can see he is wearing "his" dress Army uniform and is a Sergeant Major, with 30 years of military service. Additionally, he is wearing a green beret, SF and Ranger Tab, scuba diver, pathfinder, air assault badge and a multitude of valor medals, Purple Hearts, etc. He has also been appointed as a leader in a veterans group in his home down.

The problem is he served from 1961 then retired in 1981, and was a SSG who only had 20 years of service. He was initially in transportation, then an MP dog handler. He was only awarded 8 ribbons and awards, the highest of which was a single ARCOM. He was never a green beret, let alone ever even assigned to an SF organization. I have video tapes wherein he makes claim grossly contrary to his DD 214.

I just became aware that he is claiming all of these lies as true representations of his career. Clearly I am grossly offended by his actions and cannot abide by his being a leader in any veteran's organization based on these complete fabrication so. I have his DD 214 and know he never reentered military service after teaching his MRD.

I need help finding an organization that will help stop him from bringing further discredit to all of us. Are any of you connected to an organization willing to step up and investigate and out him to halt this fraud on other vets who earned the honors he sports without any concern for the harm it does to those who actually accomplished the things he claims?

Anyone who can help is invited to message me for help.

It should be noted that I just discovered how serious this situation is and I just learned he his being honored by his local community that will reportedly be attended by state and local government officials and several media outlets on Friday ... I live a thousand miles from him, but will fly out to assist if needed. I will also provide the evidence of his deception and fraud.

Although I never imagined my own family could be one of these guys, but feel I must speak out! Please help me protect the honor of real operators who earned the honors he is wearing to perpetuate his fraud.
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