Posted on Feb 2, 2015
COL Vince Lindenmeyer, Ph.D. (Retired)
One quote drives this discussion, "my fatigued inner monologue told me that the current situation wouldn’t change"

As leaders, we want to take care of our troops by ensuring that they do not have do to any unnecessary tasks, such as move to a new Forward Operating Base. In fact, we can get lured into thinking that is our #1 duty to Take Care of Troops, by ensuring they only do what is necessary. But when you are fatigued, how do you discern, "what is necessary?"

Leaders are charged to anticipate the operational environment and give warning orders that allow troops to prepare for future operations, actions or activities. Leaders adhere to a 1/3-2/3 planning rule where they give subordinates 2/3rds of the planning time to execute. Unfortunately, the rapidly changing environment often times does not afford a full 2/3 allotted time to subordinates; however, a self-aware leader may be able to anticipate the possible branch plans that will need to be considered and task platoons to develop courses of action.

Read the blog. As a self-aware leader, how did your experience and training provide insight for anticipating a requirement? Did you troops begin to trust your intuition? How does one grow strategic or operational intuition for leadership?
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SGT Steven Eugene Kuhn MBA
great blog!
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