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Cpl Vic Burk
Being able to afford child care is the first major problem, finding care is a whole other problem from what I have seen and heard.
PO3 Pamala McBrayer
PO3 Pamala McBrayer
2 mo
Childcare that you CAN TRUST is a challenge. Imagine what could happen if you make a mistake and trust the wrong person. One of my shipmates trusted a male family member/husband of a friend, another shipmate. On a schedule 3 day underway, her child was intentionally injured…maltreated…and DIED. It happened in base housing, near the base clinic/ER capable. But, the family member refused to risk scrutiny to engage care that would have saved that child. I knew the mother, the wife of the guy, had met the guy, and the child who died had been my daughter’s playmate in a licensed, in home approved childcare provider on the base, until my base daycare slot opened up.
In the end, it was discovered that this guy’s way of toliet training a toddler was to hold the baby down in waist high boiling hot water. That wasn’t a tub accident. He murdered that child and was so charged.

Affordability is not the only concern…it was always thereafter the lesser concern.
My inner momma bear was already tuned up, but I have to say, it fed into some misgivings I had about our base daycare, too. We were presented with incompatible orders for our next duty stations, my husband was to go to sea routinely in FL. I was to go to sea in Norfolk VA. We failed in our efforts to get co located, as we had been promised in peacetime. We did everything that we were supposed to do, we followed the sea shore rotation rules, he was med boarded but still had orders to sea. Detailers could not or would not agree, or prioritize the orders correctly. So, one day, I had to choose…my dream of actually getting carrier duty, or the safe care of our children. I am still unhappy that BOTH of us had to leave the Navy to accomplish that!
SFC Joe S. Davis Jr., MSM, DSL
thanks for sharing

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