PO3 Bob McCord

PO3 Bob McCord

Dates of Service: May 1962 - Jun 1968
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U.P.S driver, Valley Transit bus driver, transit bus dispatcher, Now retired

Military Experiences

Sep 1962 - Jun 1968
Boatswain's Mate
Boat crew coxswain,50 ton crane operator, after steering helm, deck PO, ran all deck equipment.
Sep 1962 - Jun 1968
Boatswain's Mate
From deck ape, to boat coxswain, Captains gig, 50 ton crane operator, after steering helmsman, and ran wingwall crew.
Jun 1962 - Jun 1968
Boatswains Mate PO
Landing craft coxswain, 50 ton crane operator, after steering helmsman, ran all deck equipment.
Came aboard the U.S.S Thomaston LSD 28 fall of 62 and went to dry dock in Portland Or. Then down through the Panama canal to join in the Cuban missile blockade. After 42 days at sea. Back to San Diego and a WESPAC cruise. Then three deployments to Nam, P.I., and Okinawa. All Vietnam deployments were spent landing Marine amphibious units at Chu Lai,Danang, and Cam Rhan Bay. Then operating on the Saigon and Cua Viet Rivers from the area around Vung Tau. I was an LCVP coxswain and 50 ton shipboard crane operator in Vietnam, and ran a deck crew and stood after steering watches at sea.


(2 years, 9 months)
Nov 1964 - May 1967
Vietnam War
Landing craft coxswain, crane operator, helmsman, ran deck crew.
Oct 1962 - Nov 1962
Carribbean and south china Sea
Cuban missile blockade, and Vietnam. Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, Vietnam service medal, Republic of Vietnam campaign medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry cross, and National defense medal.
Started in Oct 1962
Cuban missile blcokade, Caribbean
Landing craft coxswain

Military Credentials


Jun 1964

after steering [emergency steering aft] helmsman

Mar 1964

50 ton hydraulic shipboard crane operaror

Security Clearance
None / Expired

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sixties rock and roll trivia and vinyl albums. 60s and 70s muscle cars