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Jud Newborn, PhD, is an Emmy winning NY based author & motivational multimedia lecturer. His inspiring programs on Jewish & Christian anti-Nazi resistance provide lessons in courage, linking the Holocaust & WWII to freedom of speech, extremism & today’s fight for democracy. Dr. Newborn has lectured from San Diego’s Old Globe Theater, & major universities to the UN, & from Canada to Cape Town.

International Experience

(3 years, 1 month)
Sep 1980 - Sep 1983
Germany - Poland
During my 3 years of doctoral fieldwork on Nazi Germany & the Holocaust for the University of Chicago, I hunted down former SS & Nazis to interview, & volunteered to work briefly undercover via Radio Free Europe for Poland's "Solidarity" Freedom Movement 6 months into the Communist declaration of Martial Law & the sealing of Poland's borders.


Foreign Language Skills

German (4+/4+)

German (4+/4+)