SGT Mark Stewart

SGT Mark Stewart

Dates of Service: Sep 1991 - Jul 2004
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I make software for the health insurance industry. In the Army, I was in and out of active duty, which I offer as explanation for a fairly low rank after 12+ yrs. Best people I ever worked with were Soldiers. MY OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND NOT MEANT TO REPRESENT THOSE OF MY EMPLOYER.

Military Experiences

Jul 2000 - Jul 2004
Medical Sergeant
Sergeant in a medical detachment performing clinical tasks in a physical examination station on drill weekends and supervising an evacuation section during annual training events.
Jul 1997 - Jul 2000
Combat Engineer
Fire team leader in a light combat engineer company in direct support of 3d Infantry Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Light). Responsible for the health, welfare, morale, and training of a four-man combat engineer fire team; provides technical and tactical engineer support for mobility, countermobility, and survivability operations to infantry rifle company commanders; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of one HMMWV and all team sets, kits, weapons, and equipment. Graduated from Sapper Leader Course. Performed small-unit leadership actions during high risk training activities such as live fire exercises and explosive demolition training.
Jul 1995 - Jul 1997
Military Police (MP)
Completed reserve-component military occupational specialty qualification course for military police. Performed relevant duties as part of a three-Soldier MP team in a divisional military police company engaged in preparation and training for rear area security operations, main supply route (MSR) security operations, and civil disturbance response for assistance to civil authorities. Performed duties on drill weekends and at annual training.
Feb 1994 - Jul 1995
Medical Specialist
Led and supervised a two-vehicle evacuation section in the squadron aid station of 1st Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Responsible for maintenance and accountability of two 11-ton M113 armored ambulances and associated medical and tactical equipment. Participated in both training to provide medical treatment and evacuation in tactical settings as part of mechanized operations, and also providing real-world medical support in preventive activities, routine sick call, and real world medical emergency treatment.

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May 1998 - Jun 1998

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