SGT Stan Setliff

SGT Stan Setliff

Dates of Service: Jul 1983 - May 1987
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  • PVT Jul 83
  • PV2 Mar 84
  • PFC Aug 84
  • SPC Jun 85
  • SGT Oct 86

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Now in retirement. My drive for "Perfect is good enough" from 2/505, finely got me in trouble with the management. You cant push people like we were, growing up, these politically correct days. My Dad was a retired WWII LTC - Air Force C47 pilot. He expected the same. Now, its just how I am. Okay, maybe slightly excessive in some cases. But our society's lack of integrity, honesty, work ethic..

Military Experiences

Mar 1983 - May 1987
Ammo barer - Co's Driver - Asst.Gunner - Gunner - Section Sgt.
11 C - Indirect Fireman / mortar magot. Drafted as the Co's driver for a while. It was educational from the organizational point, but really missed the line-dogs. Ran with them in off times. But I think the CO got a kick from the stories about what we did with off duty time. And never once did he use it against us. But that was the kind of guy Cpt B was. HQ plt. had a tendency to be.. uh... soft? Not all, by any means. During my time I experienced both extremes from LT's and CO's.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Oct 1985 - Nov 1985

Air Movement Operations of Hazardous Materials

Oct 1985

Airlift Planers Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jun 1987

DUI court. 4 breath tests? droped/dismissed

Mar 1987

17th Annual Longstreet 20 mile Race

Feb 1987

How to get a reprimand from Comanding Gen...

Mar 1986

16th Annual Longstreet 20 mile Race


Jan 1987

Jungle Warfare Training

Feb 1986

Indirect Fire Infantryman Course

Jan 1985

Jungle Warfare Training

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1987 - 1989

Texas State Technical College

Associate Degree, Applied Science of Diesel Technology

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