MAJ Donald Zlotnik

MAJ Donald Zlotnik

Allentown, Ohio
Dates of Service: Mar 1960 - Sep 1980
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  • PV2 Mar 60
  • PFC Jan 61
  • SPC Feb 62
  • SGT Jun 64
  • 2LT Jul 66
  • 1LT Jul 67
  • CPT Jul 68
  • MAJ May 74
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Jul 1966

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Military Experiences

Feb 1960 - Mar 1980
I began my career as a private and because of the Vietnam War, I was given the opportunity to become an officer. The Vietnam War consumed my career; I was either training for war or in war. The best example I can give for what my career represented is I have THREE "personal" Presidential Unit Citations; Special Forces, MACV-SOG CCN and the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I served with all three during their finest hours in combat. Translated for those who still don't understand: I volunteered to go TO the fight.


(9 years, 4 months)
May 1974 - Aug 1977
Served with the 1/83 Artillery at Baumholder. Germany. The worst assignment of my career.
Jan 1969 - Jul 1970
Vietnam War
Served with MACV-SOG Command and Control North.
Nov 1966 - Nov 1967
Vietnam War
Special Forces Lieutenant serving as the XO of A Detachment 256 (Duc-Co). Camp was over run by the NVA and I was assigned as the XO at A-426 (My-An) a new camp we built in the Delta.
Mar 1960 - Jun 1963
PFC stationed at Vicenzia, Italy

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Professional Development Schools

Feb 1966 - Jul 1966

Officer's Candidate School

1964 - 1965

Special Forces Training Group

Started in 1970

Artillery Officers Advanced Course

Started in 1963

Avanced Infantry Training

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 1963 - Feb 1963

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Academic Degrees

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