Col Richard Bartell

Col Richard Bartell

Dates of Service: May 1979 - Jun 2009
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  • 2d Lt May 79
  • 1st Lt May 81
  • Capt May 83
  • Maj Sep 93
  • Lt Col Sep 99
  • Col Jun 03
Commissioning Source:  USAFA, May 1979

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Over 25 years of electro-optical research and development and project management, Senior Technical Expert for Riverside Research. 16 years of remote sensing phenomenological research and development. Seven years of prototype development experience. Over 20 years of project management experience. Seven years of operational tactical flying experience.

Military Experiences

Jun 2004 - Jun 2008
Senior Reservist
Directed the diverse technical intelligence activities of 59 reservists in the NASIC Directorate of Technical Assessments and oversaw the research activities of 25 reservists investigating diverse state of the art sensing technologies assigned to the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Sensors Directorate. Analyzed expected performance of the Angel Fire system. Organized and led a field conditions deployment of 60 IMAs to Nellis AFB for direct warfighter (CAOC and Predator ops) interface. Outstanding Liaison Officer Director, USAFA/ROTC Region 3 (13 state region).


(2 months)
Jul 1983 - Aug 1983

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Academic Degrees

1986 - 1987