SGT Keith Wise

SGT Keith Wise

Dates of Service: Jan 1979 - May 1986
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  • PVT Jan 79
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Cold Warrior. Signal Corps and Army Aviation. 1979 -1986. 1st AD Illeshiem Germany, 3 Corps Ft. Sill OK, 25 ID Schofield Barracks, HI.

Military Experiences

Jan 1985 - May 1985
HHC, 25th CAB
Communications Chief (S6)
Took over as Bn Commo Chief during Team Spirit '85 towards the end of the transition to regimental. When 25th Aviation Bn. became a brigade the E-7 slot I held was reorganized to an E-8 slot. I was then selected to serve as the Commo Chief and Avionics mechanic for a TDY assignment to 180th Av Co during a deployment to Thailand from May to August of '85. This was the first year we did joint exercises with the Thai military. Our company supported the 25th ID while the infantry troops went through Thai Ranger training. We had a lot of exposure to the same training the 11B's went through and even participated in some of the training. I also sat in the door of a UH-1H as a door gunner during that training. It was a great experience!


(2 years, 7 months)
Jan 1985 - Mar 1985
South Korea
Team Spirit '85: Joint training with the RoK Army. Asst Bn Commo Chief. Then acting Commo Chief HHC 25th Av Bn, 25th ID when my Chief had a death in the family. He was reassigned before he came back so I held the position until we went to a brigade in May '85.
May 1985 - Aug 1985
180th Aviation Company (Temporary) was created to support the 25th ID during the first JTX with the Thai military. I was Commo and Avionics because of my primary and secondary (36V) MOS's
Aug 1979 - Jul 1981
Illeshiem, Germany
Avionics Mechanic 35K. E2 to E4. Assigned to Charlie Co. 501st CAB, 1st AD. Regular Army assignment for an enlisted man. Worked my MOS, stood guard, drove heavy trucks. Went to Graf, Hohenfels and England for FTX's. Missed getting on a Huey that crashed by 5 minutes. Rode front seat in Ah-1S Cobra's, Oh-58 Kiowa's and in the door of a Huey.

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Apr 1981 - May 1981

1st AD NCO Academy

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