SSG Stephen Rogerson

SSG Stephen Rogerson

Dates of Service: Mar 1983 - Jan 1995
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Military Experiences

Jan 1993 - Jan 1995
Tactical Noncommissioned Officer
Counsels, trains, and develops cadets on all aspects of Army operations from company to brigade level; teaches and supervises Drill and Ceremony; monitors and conducts military training and the inspection of company areas and formations; assists in the overall development of the cadets to assume the position of Platoon Leader upon graduation from the United States Military Academy.
Sep 1991 - Jan 1993
Section Chief
Field Artillery Section Chief
Nov 1990 - Sep 1991
Section Chief
Took Part In Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
Oct 1988 - Nov 1990
Drill Sergeant
Drill Sergeant in a Basic Combat Training (BCT) company; responsible for individual training, supervision, and development of 40-60 Initial Entry Training Soldiers per ten week cycle; responsible for ensuring that standards are met to provide the U.S. Army with disciplined, physically and morally fit Soldiers.


(3 years, 8 months)
Dec 1990 - Jun 1991
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Section Chief Field Artillery - 8th ID
Oct 1985 - Oct 1988
Fire Direction Control (FDC) / Cannon Crewman Operates the battery computer system to include; preparation, entry of known data, and computation of firing data. Constructs and operates observed or surveyed firing charts. Records fire mission related information and maintains ammunition status. Compiles target lists and prepares target overlays, and situation and fire capability overlays. Operates and performs operator maintenance on section vehicles and generators. Performs crew maintenance and participates in organizational maintenance of section equipment. Operates high technology cannon artillery weapon systems. Load and fire howitzers. Sets fuse and charge on a variety of munitions, including high explosive artillery rounds, laser guided projectiles, scatterable mines, and rocket assisted projectiles. Uses computer generated fire direction data to set elevation of cannon tube for loading and firing. Employ rifles, machine guns, and grenade and rocket launchers in offensive and defensive operations. Drives and operates heavy and light wheeled trucks and tracked vehicles. Transports and manages artillery ammunition. Participate in reconnaissance operations to include security operations and position preparation. Operate in reduced visibility environments with infrared and starlight enhancing night vision devices and other equipment. Coordinate movement into position. Camouflages position area. Communicate using voice and digital wire and radio equipment. Use critical combat survival skills to operate in a hostile environment. Maintain operational readiness of vehicles and equipment.

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