1SG John Millan

1SG John Millan

Dates of Service: Jun 1981 - May 2006
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  • LCpl Dec 81
  • Cpl Sep 82
  • Sgt Feb 85
  • SGT Sep 90
  • SSG Jun 92
  • SFC Jul 96
  • MSG Jun 98
  • 1SG May 00


Local elected official, Christian, married, Veteran's Advocate, MBA, gun owner, dog lover, truck man, proficient Master Mason, Shriner, VFW, DAV, proud former Marine, American Legion, retired 30-year cop & police chief. USMC 81-84, USMCR 84-90, Army Guard, 90-06, 3 state disasters and 3 years activated Army: Gulf War, Germany for Balkans OPN, then Iraq: MP, 1SG, instructor & firearms trainer.

Military Experiences

Aug 2002 - May 2006
MP Company First Sergeant, 1SG (P), E-8
Selected to stand up a new 70-Soldier MP HQ Company. I took FEMA instructor counter-terror training, then conducted counter-terror training in former Soviet Republic of Moldova for police & army. Deployed to Iraq. Was injured. On medical hold at Ft. Bragg; was MP liaison, Cumberland Co. Jail, then staff at CID office. Underwent MEB for neck surgery & lung injury. Selected for SGM/E-9. Not promoted due to medical retirement proceedings, which made it impossible to attend Sergeant's Major Academy. Awarded Meritorious Svc. Medal, Arcom, Iraq Campaign Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, 3rd Army Reserve Medal, 2nd National Defense Medal, Global War on Terror Medal, Moldovan Merit Medal, Army Meritorious Unit Award & 3rd Armed Forces Reserve Medal. Permanently medically-retired from active duty.
May 2000 - Aug 2002
MP Company First Sergeant, 1SG, E-8
I was the senior enlisted advisor of MP Company of 160 MP and other MOS Soldiers at 3 detachment armories. I implemented new policy changes for attendance and state Tuition Assistance Assistance eligibility. We a presenter at quarterly 1SG conferences at Ft. Bragg and was a lead trainer at NATO-State Dept counter-terror training mission for police and army MP's of Republic of Moldova in Chisinau in Aug of 03 and awarded Molodovan Carbinieri (MP's) Meritorious Service Medal . I was commended for superior service and recommended for transfer to the new HHC MP Company, to stand up the new unit in Asheville.
Mar 1998 - May 2000
MP Operations NCO, MSG, E-8
Upon promotion to MSG, I transferred back to WNC to Franklin, NC, as Operations Chief; training and planning NCO for an MP Company of 160 Soldiers in 3 armories. NCOIC during 1 month TDY deployment to Germany in 2000 and also for during state call up for Hurricane Floyd, Brunswick County NC disaster, 1999. I established and led the NG outreach program to the Cherokee Reservation and people, medic and emergency services support and was commended by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. I was laterally appointed as First Sergeant within the unit after 2 years in grade, in recognition of superior performance. I was awarded 2nd award, State NC Guard Service Ribbon, 3rd Army Reserve Components Medal, Army Reserve Components Overseas Ribbon and 3rd State Active Duty Service Ribbon.
May 1996 - May 1998
MP Platoon Sergeant, Sgt. 1st Class E-7
I transferred back to ENC to 514th MP Co., when promoted to Sgt. 1st class as an MP platoon sergeant of 30 MP's; detachment NCOIC in Germany during Bosnia Support Operation. Completed 1SG school and firearms trainer school, both in Germany, then was NCOIC conducting joint rifle and pistol qualification for US-Germany Army personnel. I completed German Army machine gun & pistol marksmanship qualification course, earning the gold (expert) shooting cord. I deployed at a state disaster: flood in Mitchell and Avery Counties, 1998. Awarded 1st & 2nd Army Achievement Medals, NC Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Service Medal, NATO Medal, Army Superior Unit Award, German Army's Gold Shooting Cord marksmanship award & 2nd State Active Duty Ribbon. Completed WOCS in 97 but had no billet. I stayed NCO.


(2 years, 3 months)
Oct 2004 - Mar 2005
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
My unit, the 105th MP BN, was sent for MP at Camp Bucca POW Camp. It was a great area of Iraq to be in, with frequent trips and convoys to Kuwiat and up to Camp Cropper. I fractured a vertebrate in my neck and was medevacked to Ft. Bragg in 2005 for medical hold. I had surgery at Portsmouth Naval Hospital and was medically-retired in 2006.
Aug 2003
Republic of Moldova
I was a NATO partnership For Peace and US State Department trainer. I am still and was an Army "H" identifier Army trainer, Homeland Security Trainer and NC law enforcement trainer. I put on counter-terror training for the Moldovan Army MP's and civilian police. I was awarded the Moldovan Order of Merit by the local Brigade Commander. It was GREAT!
Oct 2000 - Nov 2000
I went with my Guard unit, the 210th MP Co. back to Germany! It was a 1-month deployment to Graffenwoehr, Rose Barracks, for MP duty. I was detachment NCOIC as a MSG and because our company was of jr. officers, I ran the detachment with no lieutenant there. Went to Nurnburg and all around Amberg. It was really ultimate fun!
Jul 1996 - Mar 1997
Operation Joint Endeavor
I was platoon sergeant , basically, an acting first sergeant of a detached MP platoon of 30 MP Soldiers. We replaced the active MP's who went down range to Bosnia. We were in Germany for 8 months. I was NOT a barracks rat and I traveled EVERYWHERE I possibly could in Europe w/a cute German GF. I drank beer and really LOVED it! Most fun I ever had!

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Oct 2004

US Army Combat Lifesaver Course, 1 week, Camp Bucca, Iraq

Sep 2003

NC National Guard First Sergeant's Leadership Conference, 3 days, Ft. Bragg, NC

Jun 2002 - Jul 2002

NC National Guard Quality Management Program facilitator training course, 1 week, Ft. Bragg NC

Jul 2000

US Army EEO-sexual harassment prevention facilitator training course, 1 week, Eglin AFB FL

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 2019

NC Law Enforcement Instructor Annual Re-training Course, online, 1 hour

Dec 2018

NC Law Enforcement Instructor Annual Re-training, online, 1 hour

Sep 2018

NC firearms annual qualification, Plumtree, NC 2 hours

Apr 2018

Forensic Death Investigation, Wake Forest Medical School, 6 hours


Apr 2016

NC Law Enforcement Trainer (2nd Course)

Jun 2008

AK Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

Aug 2007

AK Law Enforcement Trainer.

Oct 2006

NC Community Policing Certificate Program

Foreign Language Skills


German (2+/3+)


French (2/3+)

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2001 - 2004

Lansbridge University

MBA, Strategic Management

1996 - 2001

Henry Cogswell College

BA business

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