SMSgt Tracey Hogan

SMSgt Tracey Hogan

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  • AB Mar 97
  • A1C May 97
  • SrA Mar 99
  • SSgt Aug 01
  • TSgt May 03
  • MSgt May 06
  • SMSgt May 16

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Military Experiences

Nov 2015 - Apr 2017
Staff position before retiring
Mar 2003 - Nov 2015
137 ARW
Radio Maintenance, NCOIC
NCOIC of radio shop
Jul 2001 - Mar 2003
752 MS
Radio Maintenance
Apprentice/journeyman maintainer
Feb 1998 - Jul 2001
38 EIS
E & I Team Member
All TDY, all the time!


(2 years, 4 months)
Oct 2009 - Mar 2010
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Airfield management NCO at Kandahar AB, basically assigning parking for all types of airframes and hazardous cargo. Acquiring/negotiating fuel for same. Performed some radio maintenance on the side....part of NATO in the Command Post. So many different countries' chow halls to try out! SMS Heiser, MSG Gardner, ROZ- we had fun, except for poo ponds
Sep 2005 - Dec 2005
Gulfport, MS
Hurricane Katrina first response for airfield setup at Gulfport and Stennis . Our Tactical Airlift Control unit coordinated aircraft landing and offloading of humanitarian aid items: food, water, etc. Established compound of tents providing electricity, showers, potable water and reestablished power to existing structures to provide AC/heat
Sep 2001 - Dec 2001
Oman -Operation Infinite Justice
WICP- Wing Initial Communication Package. First in for comm, bare base. All Comms up in less two hours. Supporting the 552d ACW- AWACS E-3s. Worked beside Hammer Ace guys. My team-TSgt Tom Wiley,NCO Arrica Hicks (rip) Christopher Heller, Coby.Dodd, SRA Rock! Heller, how do you properly open your real world chemical protection filter in a can?
Feb 1999 - Jul 1999
South Korea, Kunsan AFB
Installation of CITS for fighter squadron. TSgt Torres, Elvis Parlar, Jeremy McNew, Olivia ?, First and last time I crossed the Red Line. AF jail=not fun. A-Town, you were an education. Member of Korean American Cowboy Association ha. We rode live bulls for fun, it was great! So many chem exercises, but played hard after. Good times, good friends

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Mar 1998 - May 1998

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Jul 2007

Sheppard AFB, TX lineman tower climbing training - rescue certification

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