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SPC Colin Ahasay

Dates of Service: Jun 2006 - Oct 2010
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Skip the pleasantries. I was an average to sub-average soldier who screwed up good a couple times, and a good but not great mortarman. I'm really motivated to get back on here for two reasons. I'm trying to locate a copy of my CIB orders because I'm a dumbass, and I'd like to find other indirect fire guys(mainly 13B, 13F, and 11C) to exchange experiences with. BONUS - hung/pulled +1000 rounds.

Military Experiences

Oct 2009 - Sep 2010
C Co
Rear Detachment
Battalion Rear D Support Specialist - OEF X: Provide task completion assistance to company NCOIC for Chosen and all sister companies. Function as leader of team of 2-4 fellow junior enlisted soldiers. Provide first line leadership to new soldiers between in-processing and deployment ship out. Providing support for returning wounded warriors in recovery. Inventory and oversee barracks maintenance. Conduct gear layouts of issued equipment for inventory hand receipts. Oversee CIF issuance. Ensure security and storage of deployed service members personal items. Conduct suicide prevention and safety classes. Transporting service members and family dependents. Conducting PMCS of battalion non-tactical vehicles. Presenting PMCS reports to S3 NCOIC.
Feb 2009 - Oct 2009
C Co
Assistant Gunner/Gunner
AG/G on M224/A1 Gunner: Coordinating weapon maintenance. Adjusting fire mode selector switch. Confirming gun status with gun line leader. Entering deflection and elevation data. Leveling the gun sight bubbles by way of utilizing traverse, cross-level, and elevation controls. Carrying and maintaining M225 and M8A1 baseplate. Carrying ammo. Guiding AG when setting aiming stakes. Setting gun for handfire mode. Clearing misfires. Assistant Gunner: Cleaning and maintaining weapon system, assist providing security for Gunner, carrying M7 baseplate, bipod, and sight unit. Setting aiming stakes and night fire aiming lights. Carrying ammo. Setting charges and fuses. Setting gun for hang-fire mode. Catching rounds when clearing misfires. Additional: OpFor and Attack by Fire support in training.
Nov 2007 - Feb 2009
Ammo Bearer/Assistant Gunner
AB/AG on M120, M252, and M224 AB: Inspecting and breaking down ammo shipments, setting charges and fuses, hanging rounds, swabbing the tube to ensure continued firing, cleaning and assisting in inspecting the tube, firing pin, and breach cap prior to and following fire missions. Digging up the base plate. AG: Prep gun pit for firing, call-outs and conduction of re-center and re-set of traverse, cross-level, and elevation(center up and shift), entering elevation data on gun sight, leveling elevation bubble, shifting bipod for large deflection changes, anchoring bi-pod legs when firing to increase stability and accuracy. Inspecting bi-pod and controls prior to and following fire missions. Setting aiming stakes and night fire aiming lights. Intermittent conduction of AB duties.
Aug 2006 - Aug 2007
397th EN
Combat Engineer
Split Option Training Program/Army Reserve/Post-basic pre-AIT 21B Trainee Assigned to Counter-mobility Platoon, C Co. 397th EN (Reorganized as 428th EN) Learning. How to minimize personal OpSec risk factors in public settings. Operation and PMCS of HMMWV, M939, and M113. How to utilize hand tools, light and heavy-equipment to build movement control obstacles. Basic safe handling, prep, and detonation of common explosives.


(8 months)
Jan 2008 - Aug 2008
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
JAN-MAY Thunder 8 Section; Able Company AB/AG GUN 2: 120MM GUN 1: 81MM MAY-AUG Thunder 2 Section; Chosen Company AB/AG GUN 2: 120MM AB/AG/G GUN 1: 60MM

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Oct 2007 - Nov 2007


Nov 2009

TMP/NTV License

Dec 2008

Italian Parachutist Badge

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