SGT Rick Whitmire

SGT Rick Whitmire

Dates of Service: Apr 1983 - Oct 1993
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Born the son of a soldier. Was a soldier until the MMRB said " Thanks, Goodbye". Oldest son was a soldier. All 3 of us are/were DAV. For 40 years my job has been to fix things/Keep them running. I don't have an Engineering degree because A gap toothed woman going to Canterbury, brush strokes and color pallets, and how Buddhism compares to Taoism, had nothing to do with fixing things.

Military Experiences

Mar 1991 - Oct 1993
95th Maint
Calibrator/Production Control
When Ft Ord closed I took over PC for the turn in of over 95K pieces of TMDE, owned by the Division in about a 6 month time frame. I was supposed to get an AAM or ARCOM for that feat, What I got was someone upchain saying never mind he'll be out on a Medical in a couple of months.
Feb 1989 - Jan 1991
Phys/D Calibrator, Tech Library, Field Hygiene, M-60 Gunner, Licensed for Everything in the Motor Pool, Haz-Mat driver.
Feb 1984 - Nov 1988
95th Maint
The reason I was at RSA so long is because I was TDY( Lowry, Ft. Drum, Letterkenny, Mainz Germany the Armor Depot Twice, Long Island, El Paso Tx) most of the time. It took that long for me to meet the on-station requirement before a PCS.


(2 years, 7 months)
Sep 1988 - Mar 1991
Army Secondary Reference Lab Pirmasens FRG
Phys/D at the Pirm lab, all the temp flow vibration torque pressure and weight. On occasion I would cross the wall and do some length and flatness.

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Mar 1990

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