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Career in marketing and messaging along with medical field background has led me to concentrate on total wellness in "each moment". (The best we are 'capable' in this moment vs some ideal.) Some things will never be good... I try to say: "How could this be LESS bad? Could this be made an opportunity?" Doesn't work all the time, obviously! Special emphasis on PTSD/ TBI, Migraine/Headache.

International Experience

(4 months)
Apr 1991 - Jul 1991
Traveled broadly in post Cold War eastern bloc countries as well as Western Europe. When bombing in Yugoslavia, striking in Spain, police in battle rattle butted the homeless out of Czech train stations with the business-end of assault rifles and building
Two 25 year old women backpacking Europe. Crazy, really. If my Marine corps and former NYPD Dad really knew where we'd be traveling, he'd never have encouraged me: "Nicole, you'll probably never get this opportunity again -- the Marine corps showed me so much more of world." Whistling Dixie? Newp.


Foreign Language Skills


Even more pitiful Spanish, but (0+/2+)


Pitiful French, but the French (1+/3+)


Academic Degrees

1985 - 1989

Rochester Institute of Technology

Medical Illustrator

1985 - 1989

University of Rochester

Medical Illustration

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