SSG Scott Parkhurst

SSG Scott Parkhurst

Dates of Service: Sep 1990 - Oct 2010
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I'm currently a actor, producer and Director. I took a leave of absence from police job to join Desert Storm in 1990 and stayed in for 20 years until I was injured with a TBI. I love mentoring young kids and teens about life in general and how they can make it in the world. I own a motorcycle road racing team and also teach racing as well as street riding. I enjoy both mountain and road bicycling.

Military Experiences

Sep 1990 - Oct 2010
352nd CSH
Medical Platoon Leader
Master Fitness Trainer for my Unit of approx. 500+. Also an Instructor for varies "things"...such as weapons training etc. I have 5 other MOS's but didn't care to list, just to much info./dates.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Individual & Special Skill Schools

Hotel identier/instructor CA

Surgical Tech. course/O.R. Training

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