LTC Phil Marlowe

LTC Phil Marlowe

Dates of Service: Feb 1970 - Jul 2012
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  • A1C
  • Sgt Jun 72
  • SGT Oct 79
  • 2LT May 80
  • 1LT Aug 81
  • CPT Sep 84
  • MAJ Jun 92
  • LTC Jun 99
Commissioning Source:  ROTC

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Currently work for the US Department of Labor/Office Federal Contracts Compliance Programs as an EEO/Compliance Officer - Guam. Previously served with the USDOJ and DoD. I served in Iraq/Afghanistan and Kuwait (x2) as a Contractor with ITT, DynCorp, and CSA as well as an independent consultant CEO of a Logistics Company. Left KU for Guam 05/2012.


(2 years, 5 months)
Dec 2004 - Aug 2005
21st TAACOM, Kaiserslautern, GE
Logistics Operations Center Chief; Battalion Commander, 104th RSOI Battalion, Giessen, GE
Jun 2002 - Dec 2002
Camp Able Sentry, MK
Battalion Commander, Base Support Battalions, Camp Able Sentry. COMMAND.
Mar 2000 - Jul 2000
21st Theater Support Command, Kaiserslautern, GE
ACofS, Deputy G3, Chief Plans, Training, Mobilizations & Simulations.
Nov 1989 - Jun 1990
Desert Sheid/Storm / VII CORPS, Saudi Arabia
VII Corps rear area Provost Marshal/Operations Officer; Port and Rear Area Security Officer. Law Enforcement Operations Officer. VII Corps liaison ARCENT PMO.

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Academic Degrees

Touro International University, Master Business Administration