LCpl Leo Morrissey
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LCpl Leo Morrissey

Dates of Service: Oct 1965 - Oct 1971
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Military Experiences

Apr 1967 - Apr 1968
Battalion Landing Team 2/3 USS Tripoli the Float ended transferred to 1/1 Phu Bai Quang Tri Provence
May 1966 - May 1967
Guard Duty

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Started in Sep 1948


Civilian Experiences

I've delivered yachts for an income since 1970 and I race & sail yachts for pleasure and live on my own yacht. We had a property in New Zealand in the early 70's and hunted wild boar and deer for a living. I've had several businesses and I had a family. We divorced in 1979 and my son died in 1990 he just turned 17 when he dropped over dead while playing tennis. Since then I've gone back to full time yacht deliveries and racing. In 1996 I accidently got my hands on 28 confidential documents from the Australian government concerning me. The information in these documents incriminates senior police, public servants, politicians, judges and lawyers. Since then I have been assaulted 3 times & falsely charged with assault and there has been 2 attempts on my life in police custody to silence me.

Personal Information

sailing yacht deliveries
Hang on there high speed, wait until your salute is returned before saluting again!