1SG Walter Craig

1SG Walter Craig

Dates of Service: Oct 1967 - Nov 1987
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  • PVT Oct 67
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  • SGT Mar 69
  • SSG Jun 76
  • SFC Jul 81
  • 1SG Jun 85

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Born 3 miles from where my mother was born, she was born in the territory of New Mexico , Where her dad homesteaded in the territory. Been married to the same woman for 51 Years come May.

Military Experiences

Jul 1985 - Nov 1987
C Troop
First Sergeant
Set up toe for unit under H series TOE. Maintained Arms room, A/C, billets, wrote Unit SOP and all other matters as First Sergeant.
Sep 1981 - Aug 1985
Platoon Sergeant
Helped on prototype Hellfire missile system. Set up 1/7 Cav. from 1/9 under different TOE. Deployed A/C from Ft Hood to Ft. Irwin twice, and Ft Drum NY once during my tenure at Ft Hood. Tallied up approx. 18,000 flt hrs. and never lost a bird till a dumbass WO1 flew through power lines hot dogging. But the A/C was not destroyed but flew it back to an AF Base where it was low boyed back to Hood.


(9 years, 5 months)
Aug 1980 - Aug 1983
Swinefurt Germany
Platoon Sergeant for Cobra A/C in 3rd Avn Btn
Jul 1976 - Sep 1979
Wichita Ks.
Recruiting command DRC Kansas City.
Jun 1971 - Jun 1972
Stanton Army Airfield Republic of South Korea.
Crew chief for 2nd inf Div Commander.
Jul 1970 - Jun 1971
Ft. Stewart Ga.
Stationed at Cobra Hall, Savanna Ga. Maintaining Cobra A/C for Warrant Officers flight training/transition not only for regular Army but also Marine Corp pilots.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jan 1985 - Apr 1985

First Sergeant Academy El Paso Tx.

Sep 1974 - Nov 1974

Sr NCOES Ft.. Ben Harrison

Jan 1972 - Feb 1972

8th Army Wrightman NCO Academy

Jan 1968 - May 1968

Aviation Maintenance Ft. Rucker Al.

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Dec 1973 - Jan 1974

Army Institute of Administration (Recruiting)

Jan 1968 - May 1968

Aviation Maintenance Ft. Rucker Ala.

Security Clearance
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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Started in 1956


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