LTC Ed Mitchell

LTC Ed Mitchell

Dates of Service: Jun 1965 - Oct 1990
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Ed Mitchell was a foster child who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He went on to be an Airborne Infantry Ranger, a RAND Corporation Fellow, an aerospace systems-engineer, and a community activist in California. Along the way, Ed became a national award-winning author by weaving his real-world experiences from foxhole to space into his counter-terrorism thrillers.

Military Experiences

Jun 1970 - Oct 1990
Battalion S-3
Airborne-Infantry-Ranger Platoon lLeader in airborne, light-infantry, and Air Cav, Company Commander CSC Armor Battalion Operations Officer, 1-31st Mech Infantry Korea Material Acquisition Manager - Strategic Defense Cmd BMC3 Space-Ground Combat Analyst @ U.S. Joint Space Cmd

Military Credentials


Jan 1987

DoD Material Acquisition Manager

Security Clearance
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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1989 - 1990

Webster University

Master's Degree, Space Systems Mangement

1988 - 1989

RAND Army Fellowship

Job/Skill Training, U.S. Army Space Operations


Defense Systems Management College

Job/Skill Training, Material Acquisition Management

1978 - 1979

Naval Postgraduate School, NETC, Shore Commands

Master's Degree, Management / ORSA