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Significant experience: Operations NCO G3 Senior Enlisted Medical Advisor (01/2016-Present): Tracking and reporting state level operations for over 5200 Soldiers. Developing accountability of exercises, oversees deployments, and training. Developed training for foreign militaries in compliance with NATO Modules for peacekeeping operations. Maintaining the position as the Medical Training Program Director. Management of school funding, travel, allocation of available slots, ammunition management, and of available courses dictated by mission and budget constraints. Medical Training Program Director / Senior Medical NCO -68W- Monitored and developed standardized training requirements for Army and Air Force Medics. Created collaborative agreements with local emergency services to provide training with Maricopa Sheriff’s Office, Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Civil Air Patrol, Phoenix Fire Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.), U.S. Customs Air Interdiction, and U.S. Border Patrol to provide training and medical support and training. Medical Advisor – Panama- (2013): Served as Medical Advisor and Flight Medic in Panama (ARMY SOUTH). In an austere environment, instructed Panamanian Army in Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Reacted to emergency medical situations, crewing aircraft advising the command with Medical Civil Action Programs to indigenous population along the villages that border Columbia. Platoon Sergeant – Flight Medic – Afghanistan- (2012): C Company 1/171st Air Ambulance Detachment (5/159th AA 101st Airborne Division) in Helmand Province. Point of injury critical and post-surgical enroute critical care for wounded from austere combat environments. Leading and performing decisions in a triage and mass casualty situations Medical Operations Supervisor (2011): Coordinated the Army National Guard’s Aviation Medical Planning and Evacuation for Operation Vigilant Guard, the largest multi-state and agency disaster civil support exercise. Interaction and development with various agencies to include the Air Force and Phoenix Fire Department and various other agencies and individuals to accomplish mission success. Medical Platoon Sergeant – Iraq- (2009-10): Combat Outpost (COP) Meade, Arab Jabour, Iraq (OIF). Performed tactical medicine in a combat zone. To include duties on the Quick Reaction Force, Personnel Security Detachment, Medical Civic Action Program and routine patrols. Treated severely wounded personnel, managed evacuation. Served as the Independent Duty Practitioner for a small (platoon sized) isolated task force. NCOIC of the Battalion Aid Station for a Combined Arms Battalion. Flight Medic and NCOIC for TMC (2005-11): Managed a Troop Medical Clinic (NCOIC) for an aviation-training brigade at the Western Army Aviation Training Site (WAATS). Ward Master Intensive Care Unit WBAMC Ft Bliss TX (2004): Managed personnel in an Army medical center for the treatment of severely ill patients. Served as a nurse ward master for daily operations in an ICU. Burn Nurse at Ft Sam Houston (2003: treated severely wounded personnel in the Institute of Surgical Research the Army Burn Unit). Administered pain medications, physical therapy, counseling and dressing changes to severely wounded service members from OEF and OIF. Continuing Education: Pursuing a degree in Emergency Management at Arizona State University, Fall 2018 projected for graduation. Point of contact: MSG Richard R. Bojorquez-Davila. Email:

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