SGT Tony Lee Hamilton

SGT Tony Lee Hamilton

Dates of Service: Aug 1984 - Aug 1991
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Born in Kentucky, raised in Michigan - oldest of 4 Sisters & 1 Brother I have an awesome son (His Mom is in Heaven, She died of breast cancer) His Mom and I adopted Him at His birth - I love fishing, baseball, affiliate marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, Jesus, God, Family & Friends. Not necessarily in that order. Visit to learn more.

Military Experiences

May 1989 - Aug 1991
Fort Leonard Wood
Personnel Staff NCO (PSNCO)
I performed duties as the Personnel Staff Non-Commissioned Officer as the Liaison between the Sargent Major of the Battalion and the 1st Sargent s at the Companies in a Trainee Battalion. I also served as Liaison between the Battalion Commander and the Company Commanders. Of my duties were also as the Drug & Alcohol NCO, Physical Training Leader, In processed new soldiers and supervised the S-1 staff.
Oct 1986 - Nov 1988
Squad Leader, Section Sargeant
I first served as Squad leader in charge of my M901 crew and vehicle as a SPC4 then promoted to CPL when I served as the Section Sargent in charge of both M901's and 7 soldiers in our section.
Nov 1984 - Oct 1986
Loader, Gunner & Driver
I performed duties as a loader, gunner and then driver for a mechanized Infantry unit on an M901 ITV We also went to REFORGER - Return of Forces to Germany

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