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SPC Ilya Arkadiev

Dates of Service: Oct 2003 - Feb 2007
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  • PVT Oct 03
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What about me? I am Russian immigrant, who had nothing to do but to play videogames and eat potato chips all day until one day for some reason I decided to stop by Army's recruiting office and sign up. I was offered position of Linguist and 20,000 dollars bonus from the start, but due to being 18 year old kid, who wanted to play war (and probably because I was resident alien) I chose to be 19D.

Military Experiences

Jun 2008 - Jul 2012
7246th MSU
Healthcare Specialist
Something to do on my spare time while attending college
Oct 2003 - Feb 2007
1-35 AR
Cavalry Scout
Sitting in the bushes for 24 hours straight under the romantic German rains. Sometimes out of boredom I would Z out my radio and then plug ANCD to re upload all of the data back in again.


(7 months)
Jun 2006 - Dec 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Took a ride on the armored Humvee across this fancy place called Ramadi and its outskirts while hoping that locals would not murder me.
Started in Mar 2005
Porta John wanking marathon.
Started in Apr 2004
What did I not do there?

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Professional Development Schools

Apr 2006

Unit Search and Clearance Course

Foreign Language Skills


Russian (5/5)

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None / Expired