SMSgt Minister Gerald A. "Doc" Thomas

SMSgt Minister Gerald A. "Doc" Thomas

Dates of Service: Jan 1982 - May 2008
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  • AB Jan 82
  • Amn
  • A1C Feb 82
  • SrA May 84
  • SSgt Jul 86
  • TSgt Jul 89
  • MSgt Dec 95
  • SMSgt Apr 06

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Security Specialist Technical School Air Base Ground Defense Course Machine-Gunner’s Course Recruiting School Recruiting Flight Chief School Recruiting MEPS Supervisor Course Recruiting Trainer's Course Operations Flight Chief Course Professional Sales Coaching Facilitator Professional Selling Skills Applications Facilitator College for Enlisted Professional Military Education in Residence 20

Military Experiences

May 2005 - May 2008
345 RS
Deputy Chief of Operations
Supervised 3 operation managers and 10 liaisons managers at 4 Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) in the region. Prepared and tracked production reports. Developed, monitored, and interpreted production flow and trend products. Identified positive and negative trends within processing procedures and advised management on possible fixes. Provided quality assurance and tracked all requests for exception to policy for applicant processing. Developed and tailored a training plan for newly assigned recruiters.
Jun 2002 - May 2005
333 RS
Chief of Training
Developed, planned, and coordinated polices and procedures for professional development and progress of the department recruiting. Coordinated the development and administration of training programs for 9 managers, 85 production recruiters, and 23 associated support personnel. Performed field training visits to ensure adequacy of field training in all production and production support programs. Prepared and submitted training reports. Functioned as the department on-the-job training monitor and production superintendent in primary’s absence. Train-the-Trainer facilitator via Professional Sales Coaching.
Jun 1999 - Jun 2002
367 RS
MEPS Liaison Supervisor
Provided direct coordination between the Air Force and MEPS commander. Ensured proper scheduling of medical and administrative processing in conjunction with Air Force and local directives. Monitored the daily flow of gain and loss assignment data to organization. Provided training to fifteen field recruiters on daily operations and testing procedures. Maintained suspense tracking system and provides feedback to flight chiefs and operations flight commander.
Jun 1996 - Jun 1999
Enlisted Accessions Flight Chief
Recruited high-quality civilian candidates from throughout Southern Mississippi to meet USAF manpower requirements in all enlisted specialties. Supervised eight personnel. Conducted market analyses, delineated geographic zones of responsibility, allocated recruiting goals, and set expectations for recruiter activities. Trained recruiters on processing procedures, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and applicant management. Conducted office visits and prepared production evaluations to enhance recruiter performance. Ensured every recruit is qualified, properly processed, and ready for basic training. Led flight meetings to focus efforts, recognize achievements, and inspire peak performance. Developed and tailored a training plan for three newly assigned recruiters to fashion to stren

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jun 2005 - Jul 2005

Air Force Recruiting Operations Supervisor Course

Jun 2000

Air Force Military Liaison Supervisor School

Jun 1996 - Jul 1996

USAF Recruiting Flight Chief School

Aug 1993 - Oct 1993


Jun 2004

Train the Trainer Facilitator

Sep 2003

Professional Sales Coaching Facilitator

Apr 2003

Professional Sales Coaching

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Civilian Experiences

May 2016 - Present
Aerospace Science Instructor
Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) Gold Badge Instructor Award Winner (Top 10% of 1900+ AFJROTC Instructors) and two time AFJROTC Outstanding Instructor Award recipient responsible for teaching Leadership Education, Physical Training, counseling cadets on scholarship opportunities as well as the following: Drill/Ceremonies, Principles of Leadership and Management, and Communication Skills. Give/grade tests, career/performance counseling, & supervise cadet corps activities. Provides oversight of the unit’s property as the Appointed Military Property Custodians and responsible for uniforms/equipment and for other administrative matters. Negotiate purchases for the Military Ball, transportation, hotel stays, and food purchase requests for Curriculum in Action trips (CIA
Jul 2008 - May 2016
Aerospace Science Instructor
Responsible teaching Leadership Education portion of the curriculum including drill/ceremonies, principles of leadership and management, and communication skills. Assist teaching Aerospace Science in areas where they have experience and training. Give/grade tests, career/performance counseling, & supervise cadet corps activities. They are also involved in the enrollment and extracurricular activities. Appointed Military Property Custodians and are responsible for uniforms/equipment and for other administrative matters. Wear their Air Force uniform while performing AFJROTC duties. Although not on active duty, are still working in and managing a military-type unit. The same NCO-officer, subordinate-supervisor relationship which existed on active duty must be maintained in the AFJROTC unit.
Apr 2014 - Nov 2014
Presides at all meetings of the post and Executive committee and to have general supervision over the business and affairs of the post, and such officer shall be Chief Executive officer of the post. Approves all orders directing the disbursement of funds, and should make an annual report covering the business and affairs of the post for the year with recommendations for the ensuring year, which shall be read at the first meeting in April, and a copy thereof immediately forwarded to the Department Adjutant. The American Legion officers Guide and an Agenda shall be used and followed by the presiding officer in conducting meetings and the American Legion officers Guide shall be used and followed in conducting Initiation of members, and other ceremonies prescribed therein. He/She shall perform
Started in Jun 2009
Expository preacher. Carries the Word of God to troubled youth who are incarcerated at the Dixie Area Detention Center. Following Conservative Christian Fundamental teachings of saved by grace, through faith, in Christ alone. Encourage youth to repent & come to Christ through teaching the Word of God, singing songs, learning psalms, and fielding questions while being always ready to give an answer. Teach from a Reformed Theology background.

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for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”--Acts 4:12.preaching; teaching; coaching; writing; speakingSpreading the Word of God to all corners of the earth. Declare Jesus as Lord and let others know: Nor is there salvation in any otherMilitary-civilian-600x338 Transition