Maj Kim P.

Maj Kim P.

Dates of Service: Nov 1981 - Jul 1999
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  • 2d Lt May 81
  • 1st Lt May 83
  • Capt May 85
  • Maj May 93
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, May 1981


I come from a military family. Dad, USAF, 32 years, Colonel, Bomber Pilot, deceased. Aunt, USN, WWII Pacific, 6 years, Lieutenant, Uncle, USN, 30 years, location unknown. Brother, USAF, 6 years, Captain, Son-In-Law, USAF, 7 deployments OIF/OEF, Afghanistan. Ex-spouse, USAF, 25 years, Colonel. I ended my career prior to pinning on LC due to time/location commitments of being a spouse.