SGT Sean Wike

SGT Sean Wike

Dates of Service: Sep 1988 - Jan 2003
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Tank driver (shortly), Loader, Gunner and finally Tank Commander. Along the way was an Operations Sergeant with the 1AD G3, later in the S3 with 2/70th Armor. I've had many jobs. If you are unsure just what an Operations Sergeant does, think everything. Security, administrative assistant and events management. Dabbled a bit with bartending and construction. I like to fool about with computers and when I could get around, work on the car. Thinking about getting a mechanical engineering degree so I can put the kid(s) toys together.

Military Experiences

Dec 2001 - Jan 2003
Tank Commander


(2 years, 2 months)
May 2002 - Nov 2002
Operation Intrinsic Action
Tank Commander of Cobra 33, the old plow tank. Left Kuwait in October, but Mt Etna had different travel plans.
Jan 1990 - Jul 1991
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Loader on A65, the XOs tank.

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Academic Degrees

1970 - 2015

School of Hard Knox