SrA Nathan Roberts

SrA Nathan Roberts

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I was one of the last members to go through Law Enforcement Specialist training at the Schoolhouse. Once I got to Minot AFB I was assigned to the missile fields. It was quite a change having to learn the security aspect of the career field overnight after having only had three days training on it in Tech school. Recently got back in via the MO Air National Guard. Born in rural MO. Came to Columbia College (Columbia, MO) for school. Enlisted in USAF after my sophomore year. Came back to Columbia College to complete Bachelors & then Masters. Civilian police officer for 5 years. Retail management. Auto claims processor for A Good Neighbor. Currently in Columbia, MO. If you're here, look me up.

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Sep 1998 - Apr 2000
741 MS
Security Forces Member
Basic started in Sept 98 at Lackland AFB, TX after completing my Sophomore year of college at Columbia College in Columbia, MO. I chose to go into Security Forces as it was the only AFSC that 'called' to me & graduated in Nov 1998 as part of the last class of Law Enforcement Specialists from Team 3B. I was assigned to the 741st MS to work security for the ICBM sites. I started suffering from headaches (orig diagnosed as migraines, but ended up being sinus related) while working the fields & was reassigned to the 91 SW armory where I oversaw a major renovation & NATO ammo swap. I was given a medical discharge in April 2000, but am currently attempting to get back into service with the MO Air Nat'l Guard
Started in Sep 2018
157 AOG
Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Analyst
After 18.5 years away, I rejoined Big Blue, via the MO Air National Guard, with the 157th AOG. I am still in training as I was prior Security Forces.

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Feb 1999

Fitness Assessment Monitor

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Security Clearance
Top Secret