SFC Sczymanski J.

SFC Sczymanski J.

Dates of Service: Jul 1981 - Apr 2007
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  • PVT Jul 81
  • PV2 Jan 82
  • PFC Jun 83
  • SPC Sep 83
  • SGT Jun 86
  • SSG Mar 96
  • SFC Feb 05

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Always to protect my soldiers from higher ups, to ensure they were trained to the utmost whether technically or tactically

Military Experiences

Mar 2006 - Mar 2007
1-487 FA
Senior Inspector
Actually it was G Co BSB but we were the unwanted children of the 29th BSB, however, 1/487th took us in and treated us like family
Feb 2005 - Feb 2006
29th BSB
NCOIC East Entry Control Point
I was able to take a bunch of soldiers from different Units with non combat MOS's and develop a team that not only protected our LSA but protected the Iraqi civilian work force as well, despite being looked down on from our chain of command. Each and every one of them deserved a CAB from incoming rockets and small arms fire.
Sep 2001 - Feb 2005
B Co
Service and Recovery NCOIC
Although it was difficult trying to break the good ole boy system that was controlled by NG Technicians and AGR's, I tried to develop a cohesive section that trained hard and did their recovery missions instead of handing them over to the "favored" sections comprised of Guard Technicians
Jan 1993 - Aug 2001
B Co
Service and Recovery NCOIC
Turned the S&R section from sitting under the trees staying out of sight out of mind to the go to section for conducting training lanes. Worked with tank battalion to develop an in house recovery training.


(2 years, 4 months)
Aug 2004 - Aug 2006
Jan 1990 - Mar 1990

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