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Dates of Service: Nov 2000 - Jul 2008
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Single mommy trying to raise and protect my kiddo. I am not active, but this is MY Country and I will still die to defend it. I have no filter and am very out-spoken, so I am VERY confident I will piss some of you off. Eek I'm very Debatable... I love to have fun. I really hope you all have a great one!!

Military Experiences

Jul 2002 - Jul 2005
B/312 MI
Signal Support Systems Specialist
HHC, Signal Support, 1SGT driver in Iraq
Jan 2003 - Sep 2003
Attached for Signal Support Jan 2003 - Sept 2003 in Iraq
Jan 2003 - Sep 2003
Squad Leader
Signal Support for 5th Special Forces Group.
Jul 2001 - Jul 2002
South Korea
Signal Support Systems Specialist
Retrans at Camp Colburn before it was closed.


(2 years)
Jan 2004 - Oct 2004
Iraq ribbon
Jul 2001 - Jul 2002
South korea
South Korea
Retrans for the CINC

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