PO3 James Bobiney

PO3 James Bobiney

Dates of Service: Oct 1986 - Jul 1998
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I think my dates are incorrect. I am still waiting on my NavRes Records from National Archives. I'm thinking it was either 98 or 99 when I decided to finally quit the Reserves all together. But I'll adjust it when I finally get the records. Update. My Navy Res contract and final discharge was up July 98 according to the CD they sent me. So twelve years contractual service.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 1991 - Apr 1991

Medical Specialist Course 91A10(changed to 91B10 while in training). Was also a Navy Corpsman with the Marine Naval Reserve Center, Waco, TX. 1996 or 7 to-?

Jan 1987 - Apr 1987

Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic 63S10

A Recovery Vehicle Training Course and a Truck Driving Orientation Course. Bewteen 1987-1989.

Foreign Language Skills

Some German.