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PFC Gracie Bieda

Dates of Service: Feb 1977 - Feb 1981
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I had an award winning mammogram program in Boston for 10 years. I have worked as a nurse and had no problems finding work until I left the state of Massachusetts. I have no criminal history, I can be drug tested and will always be clean because this nurse is serious. I am very competent and computer savvy, speak several languages fluently I love people and helping improve quality of life.

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Jun 1981 - Aug 1981
Interrogations Specialist
I got real practice using Polish for training in the classroom, I was put to work using my Spanish on the Cubans held during the period when Fidel decided to empty his jails and give the USA this present. Make no mistake, I owe my faith in God first, second to my country. Es Dios que me cuida siempre, los Marielitos de ayer ni los narcotrafficantes de hoy me dan miedo. No tengo respecto pa la mierda. God Bless America and the Special Forces. This is why I am having problems finding employers to hire me today. Maybe my fellow Veterans will seek me out and not leave me behind. The psychological games of isolation and cyber surveillance to prevent me from continued gainful employment are a serious attack on my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This was my last assignment USAR.
Nov 1980 - Feb 1981
Four years one month service active duty and discharged Honorably. I learned discipline, patience & trained with people from all cultures and backgrounds, emerging a stronger person, one who can take orders but who evolved to a person who would question whether they were sound orders. I was not a child to be told I did not need to think for myself and to blindly follow orders asking me to have total faith in my superiors. A great system for those who need to be directed. I struggled with knowing our government allowed for the experimentation on Negroes in the south, well into the mid seventies, Tuskegee happens when people do not ask questions of their superiors when they know deep in their hearts something unethical is being demanded of them. I will not compromise my values. Bye!
Sep 1980
Told I had tuberculosis by a doctor & asked if I had any questions, since he didnt tell me anything I went to the library to find out what this was, it took me but 10 minutes and I demanded the nurse make him reappear. I was not prepared to die--the book said there was no cure, that is what upset me and I pointed to it and this doctor reassured me that I was in a fortunate set of circumstances--there was a cure and to look at the copyright of the book I was reading. The man was correct, the copyright was 1958 , the same year I was born people were still dying of tuberculosis. Today TB has some virulent strains which have outgrown the treatment of several medications at once, this happens due to patient noncompliance with the strict regement of several medications daily for many months.
Aug 1980 - Sep 1980
Medevacuated in my pajamas from the Frankfurt Hospital to a plane which brought me back stateside to the impressive state of the art hospital Walter Reed in Bethesda Maryland. The care I got in respect to the tuberculosis was the best available at that time in the world. I was impressed with this place. A huge mistake was made by putting me with an elderly lady who had pneumonia in the same room--before my diagnosis was known--they moved me soon after. Too bad the 80+ year old did not know what happened. I realised the faux pas much later but am grateful I got the best care in this circumstance.

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