LTC Thomas Cunningham

LTC Thomas Cunningham

Dates of Service: Apr 1978 - Jan 2002
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  • 2LT Dec 77
  • 1LT Dec 81
  • CPT Dec 85
  • MAJ Dec 92
  • LTC Sep 99
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Dec 1977

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Currently my goal is to help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.

Military Experiences

Apr 1978 - Feb 2002
Multifunctional Logistics Officer
Over twenty years documented success in logistics management and human resources administration. Led, motivated, trained and supervised junior logistics personnel. Extensive experience in evaluating operational systems, and organizational staffing relationships. Excellent problem solving procedures. Proven ability to create and manage a results-oriented team. Able to meet demanding time goals. Clear and effective communicator. Proficient in the use of personal computers, and related software. Managed organizational budgets. Awarded and maintained a Top Secret Security Clearance.
Sep 1999 - Jan 2002
Dec 1997 - Sep 1999
Operations Officer (S3)
Sep 1996 - Dec 1997

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 1988 - Aug 1988

Advanced Logistics Officer Course (QMOAC}

Individual & Special Skill Schools
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Top Secret