MAJ Observer   Controller/Trainer (Oc/T)
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  • PFC
  • SPC Feb 94
  • CPL
  • SGT
  • 2LT Aug 96
  • 1LT Jul 99
  • CPT Apr 06
  • MAJ Oct 12
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Aug 1996

Professional Summary 

I am a CGSOC Common Core Graduate. I have 23 years of experience. My Goals is to become a CHOT Leader, BDE Staff or a Battalion CMDR. 6 years left before my MRD so I want to help as much as I can before I have to retire. I started my career as a 31 year old E-4 and now I am a proud 0-4 who wants to give my all to the USAR. I am physically-fit (295 on APFT) for 54 years old and no-midlife crisis!