SGT Gregory Lawritson

SGT Gregory Lawritson

Dates of Service: Apr 1974 - Apr 1978
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Military career (4 year enlistment); AIT: 11E10 Tank Crew/Commander. OJT: AN-PPS5A Ground Surveillance Radar, M551 Sheridan ... Civilian career in: Law Enforcement related: Prior Arizona Certified Police Officer/Detective , Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Corporate Investigator, Private Investigator, Boarding School Security Management, and University Medical Center Security Management. IBM Mainframe programming/maintenance, COBOL/JCL, Fortran/Assembler, RPGII, Application programmer, Documentation Manager. Security, Private Investigations, Loss Prevention Management, Police Officer/Detective, Boarding School Security Management, University Healthcare Security/Emergency Management .... and Business Management; Retail and Service Industries

Military Experiences

Sep 1974 - Present
M60A1 Tank Gunner/TC
1st Permanent duty station out of Armor AIT. Assigned as Gunner on Company Commander's M60A1 tank. Deployed to West Germany in 'Brigade '75'. Functioned as TC when Capt off tank during field problems. Assigned my own tank in early '76 as TC. Ancillary Garrison duties as assigned.
Jan 1978 - Apr 1978
A Troop
Ground Surveillance Radar. NCOIC
Requested OJT for NCOIC on A/N PPS5A Ground Surveillance Radar - Radar Site 11 - Imjin River. Training South Korean Marines to replace US personnel on ground radar responsibilities for an assigned sector of DMZ overwatch.
Nov 1976 - Apr 1978
A Troop
M551 Tank Commander
Originally had orders to 1/72 Armor 2 ID, but was actually assigned to a forward CAV unit to cover lack of NCOs in M551 Sheridan tanks. Had to learn OJT on Sheridans as I was AIT trained on M60A1s. MOS 11E, but was functioning as 19K . Also functioned as A Trp. Tae Kwon Do instructor for new Soldiers’ first 90 days in unit PT program. Finished enlistment from this unit 1978.
Jan 1976 - Jun 1977
A Troop
Appointed CBR NCO for A-4/7 Cav 2nd Inf Div as additional duty. Care and maintenance of all Protective masks, filters, atropine - and replacement of same when expired.


(2 years, 1 month)
Nov 1976 - Apr 1978
South Korea
Camp Stanton, Camp Garry Owen
Mar 1975 - Sep 1975
Brigade ‘75 for Cold War; Camp Aachen Grafenwöhr

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools


Tank Commanders Course - Ft. Hood, TX

Jul 1974 - Sep 1974

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) - Ft. Knox, KY.

Apr 1974 - Jun 1974

Basic Combat Training (BCT) - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Dec 1976 - Jan 1978

Tae Kwon Do - Moo Duk Kwan (1st Dan)

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees


Global Six Sigma-USA

Certification-Yellow Belt, Transactional Throughput Processing


TASER International

Job/Skill Training, Civilian Instructor Program - Class 1


AIC (Advanced Interviewing Concepts)

Job/Skill Training - CBT Certified, Written Statement Analysis by Mark McClish

2007 - 2008

DHS-FEMA Sponsored Healthcare Management

Certification, NIMS/ICS Mods 100-400, 700