MSgt K. Thayer Hardy, CMIIB
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MSgt K. Thayer Hardy, CMIIB

Dates of Service: Aug 1981 - Nov 2002
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  • AB Aug 81
  • Amn Sep 81
  • A1C Mar 82
  • SrA Sep 84
  • SSgt Dec 85
  • TSgt Jun 91
  • MSgt May 95

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Senior Current Operations Watch NCO—30 years experience mentoring Command Post staffers on generating harmony to minimizing friction, and maximizing adaptability to support Warfighters. Employ System Security and Configuration Management Principles and Best Practices related to DOC Statements, SORTS Reporting, Command Critical Information Requirements, Ordered Checklists, Classifications, Mission Analyses, Software, and C4ISR Systems.

Military Experiences

Jun 2001 - Nov 2002
460th SW
Wing Mission Command Post Chief (SuperPlans)
OT&E Combat-ready Airmen to provide warning, surveillance and installation Ops for America and her allies. Provide CP and CM leadership expertise to Wing Command & Staff. Advise Lead Scitor Corporation Program Manager, Wing Commander, Battle Staff and CP-Staff on CP Initial Operation Capability. Oversee $1M budget for new Wing CP-build and associated communications-security, physical security, logistics and operations planning and execution. Realize Emergency-Action Battle Cab operations for newest AFSPC wing, supporting alert notifications and posturing of 7,800 Buckley-assigned members residing in Front Range community. Expedite calls for emergency services to assist military communities via secure and non-secure telecommunications, and computer-aided dispatch and notification systems.
Jul 1999 - Aug 2001
Mission Command Center Seoul Superintendent Programs & Training (SuperPlans)
Deter aggression and defend ROK to maintain stability in Northeast Asia. Manage FKJ3-OP Situations Room and ACofS J3 Battlebooks supporting operational direction of ROK/US OPCON to United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, USFK, and U.S. Ground Component Command (GCC) to ensure war readiness. Manage Command Inspection Program as J3 Staff Assistance Visit Lead to three MSCs: 19TAACOM, Taegu; 2D INF DIV, Camp Red Cloud; and USAFK, Osan AB. Train, coach and evaluate Eighth U.S. Army/USFK Emergency Operation Center Watch Teams comprised of Officers and Enlisted Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers on USPACOM and USFK Crisis Action System Operating Procedures, Command Critical Information Requirements, OPINT and associated COMSEC and NSA Codebooks. Jody/Cadence Caller for Branch PT.
Jul 1997 - Jun 1999
Mission C2 Functional Manager (SuperOps)
Provide trained and ready U.S Forces to COCOMs. Fill selectively-manned HQ Staff position in AMWC Combat Aerial Delivery School (CADS), Joint Operations Division, Mobility Air Forces Center of Excellence. Take independent C2 actions to synchronizes USAF EC resources to meet G3 and Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC)-objectives w/ priority to Combat Training Center rotational-training objectives. Prepare HQ Air Mobility Command and Air Combat Command Forces for contingency and wartime employment. Serve as Air Mobility Division Superintendent, Senior Enlisted Air Expeditionary Force C2 Expert and JRTC-Deployed 1st Sgt. Develop standards and policies for 3 Officers/6 Enlisted; collect OPINT for analysis in After Action Reviews and Lessons-Learned. Manage $4.5M equipment and supply account.
Jul 1996 - Jul 1997
7th AF (AFKOR)
Mission Command Senior Operations Controller (SuperOps)
Deter aggression and defend ROK to maintain stability in Northeast Asia. Manage Air Component Command (ACC) Command Center, Command Post/Emergency Actions Battle Cab (EABC) for United States Pacific Command, 7th AF/USAFK, 607th Air Operation Center (AOC), and 51st Fighter Wing. Serve as Information System Security Officer and Senior Command Radio-Telephone Operator and processor of real-word and exercise mission-type orders from HHQ to include Emergency Action Messages and Command Critical Information Requirements, and relaying to subordinate units and five collocated operating base, as required. Operate Automated Wing Command and Control Systems and Installation Wide-Area Mass Notification System (GIANT VOICE).


(14 years, 7 months)
Sep 2010 - May 2011
Operation New Dawn (OND)
Joint Base Balad. Drive Bn Ops process. Serve as Deputy S3/2, Emergency Manager, Safety Officer, and Anti-Terrorism Officer for forward-deployed Acquisition, Logistics & Technology Field Integration mission. Advised Command Group and Functional Staff on Security, Health, Safety and Welfare of 800 Soldiers, Airmen, DA Civilians, and DoD Contractors.
Feb 2007 - Sep 2010
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Joint Base Balad & Contingency Operating Base Speicher. Serve as Ops Plans Officer/Logistics & Ops Specialist. Provide technical support to U.S. Army under Contract Number, W52P1J-06-F-0002 /24 Feb 2007, as a contractor for Dimensions International, Inc., providing Operations and Administration Support to the 402nd Army Field Support Brigade.
May 1999 - Jun 2001
South Korea
Yongsan Army Garrison. Serve as EAP Supt. of Programs & Training, Current Ops Branch, Ops Division, CJ3, United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command HQ, United States Force Korea. Evaluated 40-plus watch members, conducted 6 Staff Assistance Visits to 3 subordinate CPs, guided 20-plus Crisis Action Team activations, 4 actual events and 4 CPXs.
Jul 1996 - Jul 1997
South Korea
Osan Air Base. Serve as Senior Ops Controller for 7th Air Force, Air Component Command (ACC) and 51st Fight Wing.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Aug 2010

DAU Ethics Training for Acquisition Technology & Logistics CLM003 Section 890

Aug 2010

DAU Contracting Officer Representative CLC106 Section 891

Jul 2010

FEMA IS-00100.FWa Incident Command System for Federal Workers

Dec 2007

DAU Mission Support Planning CON110 Section 305


Jul 2011

Configuration Management II Basic (CMIIB)

Apr 2010

Villanova Univ. Advance Government Contract Management

Sep 2009

USF Master Certification Internet Marketing

Foreign Language Skills
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Civilian Experiences

Mar 2013 - Present
Advertise and endorse VIPs (Veteran Innovative Proprietors), helping them to reach new heights in business success via social media, and connect with RP members who inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. Specialize in freelancing open-source MI (Market Intelligence), marketing research, copywriting and social-media networking from home-based boutique operation. Deploy creative word-smithery to deliver breakthrough advert and ad-spelling solutions. Create the 'right rhetoric' to affect consumer desire for products and services, and then leverage desire to shorten sales cycle. Repurpose technical jargon/terms of art for artistic effect to increase perceived value of products/services. Craft engaging, grammatically correct copy across multiple marketing channels. Technical writer.
Apr 2012 - Jul 2013
Production Supervisor
Manage production and timely manufacturing requirements in tandem with cost, safety, and quality goals. Managed work assignments and communicated production demands to 40+ employees. Reference Bill of Material (BOM) and Material Resource Planning (MRP) system to anticipate, plan, and process production orders. Checked availability of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), and confirmed completion of production schedules. Coordinated timely assembly-line SKU-changeovers with warehouse/material management leadership, forklift drivers, and order-pickers. Supervised, trained, and coached material-handling-, fabrication-, copper-, and assembly-line staff to use approved production methods, work instructions, and job aids.
Sep 2011 - Apr 2012
Configuration Management Specialist
Perform Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) and consulting ISO RQ-21A Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System Early Operational Capability (EOC) project. Use SharePoint® Integrated Digital Environment as a CM database to implement plan and realize repeatable and cost-effective quality. Interface/coordinate with System Engineering staff on submitting CM item and Project/Program Delivered Documents (PDD) through workflow for initial release. Baseline/approve technical documents for release per Technical Review Board and/or Configuration Change Board. Verify correct Contract Work Breakdown Structure, document types and numbers, titles, revisions, approved signers, Federal Acquisition Regulation clauses, release dates, revision/version history, and Intellectual Property (IP) markings.