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I'm originally from Tyler, Texas. Graduated high school in 2010. Afterwards did college for a year and some menial jobs. Realized (after much push from my grandparents) that I'd rather join the military do my service to this country. So I enlisted into the Army in 2013. Went to basic training at Fort Sill, OK. Afterwards I went to Fort Huachuca, AZ and graduated as a 35F.

Military Experiences

Sep 2017 - Present
1st Air CAV HHC
Arrived in September 2017. Soon afterwards I flew to Germany to do a rotational deployment in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which lasted 9 months. In July 2018 we arrived back at Fort Hood. Since being back, I've actually got to see how the unit operates at it's actual duty station. So far I've participated in two exercises that involved setting up the brigade TOC; a Warfighter exercise; and an NTC rotation. Am currently trying to reenlist to go to a one of the SOF group support units (such as 7th, 10th, or 5th group).
Jul 2014 - Sep 2017
39th BEB
Originally arrived as an Intelligence Analyst for the MICO. A month later I moved up to the Battalion S2 shop and worked there for 14 months (did a JRTC rotation with the BN Staff) as well as multiple FTX's. Afterwards I worked in the Orderly room for that HQ company for 6 months. Following that I moved back to the MICO and deployed with them for 9 months literally doing my MOS which is 35F. After the deployment I participated in an 30-day NIE exercise at Ft Bliss and following that I reenlisted and PCSed to Fort Hood.


(9 months)
May 2016 - Jan 2017
Iraq/Kuwait (OIR)
Worked as part of the Brigade Intelligence Support Element for 2nd BCT, 101st for Operation Inherent Resolve. Created hundreds of intelligence products intended to support our Advise and Assist mission for the Iraqi Military's mission to push out ISIL from Iraq.

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