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I am in favor of having a conspicuous reminder posted to keep crews focused on why every Sailor is important.
I am not in favor of the notion that "tired crews" and "lack of training time" because of "repeated deployments" continues to be the official position that keeps being repeated as a mantra.
I am not a Navy guy, but what I know is that those ships are bristling with detection systems that should be tracking everything for dozens of nautical miles. There are also lookouts posted (or should be) that can hardly miss an island-sized mountain of steel approaching. For all of this to fail multiple times, either the entire WestPac destroyer squadron was grossly lax or there is something else afoot here.
We all know that crews drill and train while under weigh.
A lookout or a crew might screw up, but multiple crews in the same few months indicates a bigger problem than culture or fatigue.
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