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SMSgt Lawrence McCarter
Edited 4 mo ago
I guess its a potential way of taking out an armed suspect and not risking a life to do that. If that did fall into the wrong hands though i could sure see a problem. Some are actually already in use but mostly to carry cameras or visual equipment to patrol of check out dangerous locations. These are controlled by remote. In this picture from the Honolulu Police Department is a remote robotic dog that can do into area unsafe for humans including even rescues and through the robot a voice communication , two way conversation can be made with either a suspect or a victim. The robotic dog even has arms that can pick up items. This robotic dog doesn't think for itself, it's remotely controlled. In this picture is a Honolulu Police Sergeant with one of the robotic dogs which are made by Boston Dynamics, in Waltham ,Massachusetts. HPD isn't the only US Law Enforcement agency to use these robotic dogs and they have been found to effective. Public reaction has mixed feelings in places on how these may be used. The Dallas, Tesax Police did use a remote, mobil device with explosives to take out a sniper.
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