Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Maj Kim P.
I went to Wichita State University Today and met with Scotty Sexton, founder of Forgotten22 in the GoCreate building. I had no idea it even existed! Want to work with wood?Textiles? Metal? Some other art project? You owe it to yourself to check it out! I’m going to be spending time there instead of on Facebook. Join us!

There is a huge new space for all of that! The Forgotten22 Office is located in that building. Scotty and I discussed some ideas going forward (some things he’s already done) like inviting veterans into that space with no requirement to be a WSU student to create some art and find an outlet for that energy that runs around a million miles a second in our minds. We can use our hands and imagination.

Btw, if you have some craft supplies collecting dust, we can use them. Paint? Wood burning kits? Model cars/planes/trains? Please donate them to our veterans who can’t afford them. Veterans Day will soon be here and I anticipate everyone posting how much you love our veterans. Here is a chance to do something tangible. Do more than post a picture on Facebook.

Contact me via pm if you know of a resource or would like to help. If you have something you’d like to demonstrate, I’m fairly certain we’d like to know about that as well. Every year the VA holds an Art Show. Some veterans would like to display but don’t have the materials. Help a veteran out. Let’s not have a Forgotten23. While I was on campus, I signed up for a class. I am Shocker at WSU (Wichita State University) once again.
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I literally have a bedroom full of Art supplies. I have a passion for Art myself. I’d love to donate some items for such a cause!

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