Posted on Feb 11, 2017
COL Charles Williams
I have had many great days in 33 years, but what was your best day in the military and why?

Of all your great memories in the military, what was your very best day, and why was it?

- For me, of all the schools/badges, graduating from OCS, then Ranger School, were the very best. Knowing how many started (OCS-1-85 started with 270, and graduated less than 100 & Ranger Class 12-85 started with over 300 on day one, with 250 admitted, and graduated less 90...

- In terms of awards, there were many, but my favorites where these... (1) 1983, I was doing a color guard for 172nd Inf BDE change of command, and it was windy as hell... After we done, CPT Bucher, our company commander, patted me on the back, and said you guys did a great job, that was it... Just a pat on the back and sincere word. (2) Next would be getting my 1st Division 10th Mtn Div Coin from the ADC on REFORGER....

- In terms of singular memories, it would be meeting Saddam Hussein, and smoking my very first cigar with him. We were responsible for him, and as a Deputy Brigade Commander I had to visit him, and check on him daily, until we/I transferred him to the GOI for execution on 30 Dec 06.
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