Posted on Jul 15, 2021
A1C Chris Pointer
How would you separate this content? What’s the pros and cons of separate playlist vs channel?

So I have a couple ideas for some content I want to post on YouTube.

The first type would be more vlog type content where It would focus on my views. I want it to have military aspects but the main focus would be giving advice to younger guys on pretty much gaining knowledge of self, discipline and becoming a better man. It’s more of a mentorship and development focused content.

The second type would be more typical YouTube goofy and fun type things. Some content would be sketch comedy, different reaction videos, challenges and experiments. The difference here is that I want to get a team together to produce the content with me and some of the content to be user submitted by other members of the military. For example we would get a user submitted sketches, take those and work with with that person to produce a video, and give them credits. This would be more of a fun community based content

The third type of content would be interviews with different people about different subjects and podcast style discussions about both serious and goofy topics. It would be much more dialogue and discussion.

The problem is I’m not sure how to best divide the content to keep everything in its theme. I want the content to be fun and relatable, but also professional and insightful

Any thoughts? What are the pros and cons of making separate channels vs separate playlist?
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SGT Lab Technican
A1C Chris Pointer No experience in this type of programming... but it sounds challenging and enjoyable if this is your thing. I think mentoring is giving back to your "You Tube" community in a positive way.

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