Posted on Jan 24, 2014
SPC(P) Motor Transport Operator
I don't mind contractors, cause a lot of them are former military, but now we are just getting contracts with companies with no true military background. I hate going to a base and the first thing I see is civilians running the gate, we have the best military in the world, so our MPs are the best, USE THEM. We have contractors in the dining facilities, if it's not military or these spouses just working to make an extra income, what's the point of having cooks. We have 88Ms, why do we contract out to civilian bus companies, to do everything. We should be fully functional within our selves. Sure we can buy resources from outside the military. If anything we should have a branch dedicated to vets and have them work to continue to help our military family after they retire.&nbsp;<div><br>I'm deployed, I'm a heavy machinery operator, but yet I can't touch a thing, the cause we hire contractors to do it all. Something is wrong here, cause I know I didn't sign-up to not do the job I was trained to do.&nbsp;</div>
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SSG Founder
Should the Military take over functions currently run by Civilians? Considering my recent experience dealing with backstabbing Civilians, I think that they should reduce the Civilian Workforce and turn over certain functions bsck to Military control.

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