Posted on Jan 1, 2014
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Lets face it, doing 2 minutes of push ups and sit ups is not going to test your fitness for combat. Sure, a soldier can show his muscular endurance and pass with a 100/100, but can he lift me (220lbs, without kit on) out of a truck? And in a combat situation, if you have to run 2 miles, then something very bad has happened. My suggestion, is implement lifting/sprints. For example, deadlifting the average weight of a soldier in kit. Lets say, 275lbs. Then, doing timed sprints, 50-100 meters. Average length of the distance you'd have to bound in a dismounted combat situation, yes? These are just some ideas/suggestions of mine. Oh, and to add on an additional topic, the standard should be the same, across the board. At least for combat MOS soldiers. Yes ma'am, if I go down, you have to be able to lift me up and carry me to the HLZ if it comes down to it.

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