Posted on Sep 24, 2014
SSgt Michael Hacker
The so-called "latte salute" from yesterday has stirred up a lot of attention/anger/indifference in various dark corners of the social mediaverse. This attention has led to a few conversations I've been part of as to whether it is required or even appropriate for a President to return the salutes rendered to him by the military.

According to one source (see below), the first President to return salutes was Reagan. Not Washington. Not even Eisenhower. Reagan.

This leads me to my question: What are the thoughts of the military community on this? Do you have any information on the tradition/history of the Presidential (return) salute?

PS: Let's please try not to turn this into a "Obama/Bush/Fillmore sucks" thread.
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MSgt Roger Lalik
President Obama salutes Marine with coffee cup.

On his way to participate in a United Nations talk on Climate Change, and coming from his national address on airstrikes in Syria, President Barack Obama stepped off Marine One and proceeded to salute Marines with a coffee cup in his hand.

Whats your take on this folks?

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