Posted on Jan 13, 2014
SSG Recruiter
I will go first. Leaders are not victims and victims are not leaders.
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MG Chief Executive Officer (Ceo)
The best advice I ever received was to "take a knee". I had just been through a divorce, was struggling through CGSC, couldn't get enough shared custody time with my kids, was overwhelmed at work and was trying to find time for my monthly drill (BA). The guy I worked for, a LTC at the time and I was a Major, suggested that I RST and work on my CGSC instead of attending drill for the next three months. I was blown away by his compassion and caring during a time when I was juggling way too many balls in the air. This breathing room, as a result of taking a knee, allowed me to complete CGSC, get my life back on track and demonstrate resilience through taking positive actions. I owe that LTC big time for some of the best advice I've ever received!

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